Jeremiah 36:12 Cross References - Great

12 he wente downe to the kynges palace into the Scrybes chambres, for there all the Prynces were set. Elysama the Scribe, Dalaiah the sonne of Semei, Elnathan the sonne of Achbor, Gamariah the sonne of Saphan, Zedekiah the sonne of Hananiah, with all the Prynces.

2 Kings 22:3

3 And it came to passe, that in the .xviii. yeare of the raygne of kynge Iosia, the kynge sent Saphan the sonne of Azalia the sonne of Mesulam the scribe, to the house of the Lorde, sayenge:

2 Kings 22:12

12 And the kyng commaunded Helkia the Preast, & Ahikam the sonne of Saphan, and Achbor the sonne of Michaia, and Saphan the scrybe, and Asahia a seruaunt of the kynges, sayenge:

2 Kings 22:14

14 So Helkia the hye preaste and Akikam, Achbor, and Saphan, and Asahia went vnto Hulda the prophetisse the wyfe of Sullam the sonne of Thikua the sonne of Harham keper of the wardrope: whyche prophetisse dwelt in Ierusalem in the house of the doctrine, and they commoned with her.

2 Kings 24:8

8 Iehoachin was .xviij. yere olde, & raygned in Ierusalem thre monethes. His mothers name also was Nehusta, the daughter of Elnathan of Ierusalem.

Jeremiah 26:22

22 Then Iehoakim the kinge sent seruauntes into the lande of Egypt, namely Elnathan the sonne of Achbor, and certayne men with hym into Egipt,

Jeremiah 28:1-17

1 (2 b) And thys was done in the same yeare, euen in the begynnynge of the raygne of Zedekiah kynge of Iuda. But in the .iiij. yeare of the raygne of Zedekiah kinge of Iuda, in the .v. moneth, it happened that Hananiah the sonne of Assur the prophet of Gibeon, spake to me in the house of the Lorde, in the presence of the prestes, & of all the people, and sayde: 3 Thus sayth the Lorde of hoostes the God of Israel: I haue broken the yock of the king of Babilon, 4 & after two yeare will I brynge agayne into this place: all the ornamentes of the Lordes house, that Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon caried awaye from this place vnto Babilon. 5 Yee, I wyll bringe agayne Iechoniah the sonne of Iehoakim the kinge of Iuda hym selfe, with all the presoners of Iuda (that ar caryed vnto Babilon) euen into thys place, sayth the Lorde: for I wyll breake the yock of the kinge of Babylon. 6 Then the prophet Ieremy gaue answere vnto the prophet Hananiah, before the prestes and before all the people that were present in the house of the Lord. 7 And the prophete Ieremy sayde: Amen, the Lorde do that, and graunte the thyng which thou hast prophecyed: that he maye bryng agayne all the ornamentes of the Lordes house, and restore all the presoners from Babylon into this place. 8 Neuerthelesse, herken thou also, what I wyll saye, that thou and all the people maye heare. 9 The prophetes that were before vs in tyme past, which prophecyed of warre, or trouble, or pestilence, 10 ether of peace, vpon many nacyons and great kingdomes, were proued by thys (yf God had sende them in very dede) when the thynge came to passe, which that prophete tolde before. 11 And Hananiah the prophet toke the chayne from the prophete Ieremyes necke, and brake it, 12 and with that sayde Hananiah, that all the people might heare. Thus hath the Lorde spoken: Euen so will I breake the yock of Nabuchodonosor king of Babilon, from the neck of all nacions: yee, and that within this two yeare. And so the prophet Ieremye went his waye. 13 Nowe after that Hananiah the prophete had taken the chayne from the prophete Ieremyes necke, and broken it. The worde of the Lorde came vnto the prophete Ieremy, saieng: 14 Go, and tell Hananiah thes wordes. Thus sayth the Lorde. Thou hast broken the chayne of wodd: but in steade of wodd thou shalt make cheynes of yron. 15 For thus sayth the Lord of hostes the God of Israel: I wyll put a yock of yron vpon the neck of all this people, that they maye serue Nabuchodonosor the king of Babilon: yee, and so shall they do. And I wyll geue hym the beastes in the felde. 16 Then sayde the prophet Ieremy vnto the prophet Hananiah: heare me Hananiah: The Lorde hath not sent the but thou bringest this people into a false belefe. 17 And therfore thus sayth the Lorde: beholde, I wyll sende the out of the lande, and within a yeare thou shalt dye, because thou hast falsely spoken agaynst the Lorde.Jer

Jeremiah 36:10-11

10 Then redde Baruch the wordes of Ieremy out of the boke with in the house of the Lord out of the treasury of Gamariah the sonne of Saphan the Scribe, which is besyde the hyer lofte of the newe dore of the Lordes house: that all the people myght heare. 11 Nowe when Micheah the sonne of Gamariah the sonne of Saphan had hearde all the wordes of the Lorde out of the boke,

Jeremiah 36:20-21

20 And they went into the kyng to the courte. But they kept the boke in the chambre of Elisama the Scribe, & tolde the kyng all the wordes that he myght heare. 21 So the kyng sent Iehudi to fetch him the boke which he brought out of Elysama the Scribes chambre. And Iehudi red in it, that the kynge and all the prynces, which were aboute him, myght heare.

Jeremiah 36:25

25 Neuerthelesse Elnathan, Dalaiah, & Gamariah besought the kynge, that he wolde not burne the boke: not withstandynge the kynge wolde not heare them,

Jeremiah 41:1

1 But in the seuenth Moneth it happened, the Ismael the sonne of Nathaniah the sonne of Elisama (one of the kynges bloude) came with them that were greatest aboute the kynge, & ten men that were sworne with him: vnto Godoliah the sonne of Ahicam to Mizpa, & they dyd eate together.

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