Isaiah 65:15 Cross References - Great

15 Youre name shall you leaue accursed amonge my chosen, for God the Lorde shall slaye you, and call his seruauntes by another name.

Proverbs 10:7

7 The memoryall of the iust shall haue a good reporte, but the name of the vngodly shall stincke.

Isaiah 62:2

2 Then shall the Gentiles se thy ryghteousnes, and all kynges thy glory. Thou shalt be named with a newe name, which the mouth of the Lord shall shewe.

Isaiah 65:9

9 But I wyll take a sede out of Iacob, & out of Iuda one, to take possession of my hyll. My chosen shall possesse these thinges, & my seruauntes shall dwell there.

Isaiah 65:12

12 Therfore wyll I nombre you with the swerde, that ye shall be destroyed all together. For when I called, no man gaue me answere: when I spake, ye herkened not vnto me, but dyd wyckednes before myne eyes, and chose the thynge that pleased me not:

Isaiah 65:22

22 They shall not buylde, and another possesse: they shall not plant and another eate: But the lyfe of my people shalbe lyke a tre, and so shall the worcke of their handes.

Isaiah 66:15

15 For beholde, the Lorde shall come with fyre, & hys charet shall be lyke a whorle wynde, that he maye recompence his vengeaunce in his wrath and hys indignacyon with the flame of fyre.

Jeremiah 29:22

22 And all the presoners of Iuda, that are in Babilon shall take vpon thys terme of cursynge, and saye: Nowe God do vnto the, as he dyd vnto Zedekiah and Ahab, whom the king of Babilon rosted in the fyer,

Zechariah 8:13

13 And it shall come to passe, that lyke as ye were a curse amonge the Heathen (O ye house of Iuda, and ye house of Israel) Euen so wil I delyuer you, that ye shalbe a blessing: feare not, but let your handes be stronge.

Matthew 21:41

41 They sayd vnto him: For asmoch as they be euell, he will cruellye destroye them, & will let out his vineyard vnto other husbandmen, which shall delyuer hym the frute in due seasons.

Matthew 22:7

7 But when the kyng hearde therof, he was wroth, & sent forth his men of warre & destroyed those murtherers, and brent vp theyr cytie.

Acts 11:26

26 And when he had founde him, he brought him vnto Antioche. And it chaunsed that a whole yeare they had their conuersacion with the congregacion there, and taught moch people: in so moch, that the discyples of Antioche were the fyrst that were called Christen.

Romans 9:26

26 And it shall come to passe, that in the place where it was sayde vnto them: ye are not my people: there shall they be called the chyldren of the lyuynge God.

1 Thessalonians 2:16

16 & hynder vs, that we shuld not speake vnto the Gentyls, that they myght be saued, to fulfyll their synnes alwaye. For the wrath of God is come on them, euen to the vtmost.

1 Peter 2:9-10

9 But ye are a chosen generacion, a royall presthod, an holy nacyon, a people whych are wonne: that ye shuld shewe the vertues of hym, that called you out of darcknes into hys meruclous lyght, 10 whych in tyme past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which some time had not optayned mercye, but now haue optayned mercye.

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