Ezekiel 43:18 Cross References - Great

18 And he sayd vnto me: Thou sonne of man, thus sayth the Lorde God: these are the ordynaunces and lawes of the aultar: in the daye, whan it is made to offer burntofferinges, and to sprenckle bloude therupon.

Exodus 40:29

29 and set the burntofferynge alter by the entrynge in of the habitacyon of the tabernacle of witnesse, and offred burntofferynges and meateofferynges theron, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.

Leviticus 1:5-17

5 And he shall kyll the calfe of the droue before the Lord. And the prestes Aarons sonnes, shall brynge the bloude, and sprynckle it rounde aboute vpon the altare, that is by the dore of the Tabernacle of witnesse. 6 And then shall he slaye the burntofferynge, and hewe hym in peces. 7 And the sonnes of Aaron the preaste shall put fyre vpon the altare, 8 and put wodd vpon the fyre. And the preastes Aarons sonne shall laye the partes (euen the heade and the fatt) vpon the wodd that is on the fyre in the altare. 9 But the inwardes and the legges ther of shall he wasshe in water, and the preast shall burne all in the altare, that they maye be a burnt sacrifyce for a swete odoure vnto the Lorde. 10 And yf his sacrifyce be of the flockes (namely of the shepe or goates) let hym brynge a male without blemysh for a burntoffering. 11 And let hym kyll it on the northsyde of the alter, before the Lorde. And the Preastes Aarons sonnes shall spryncle the bloude of it rounde aboute vpon the alter. 12 And it shall be cut in peces: euen with hys heed and hys fatt, and the Preaste shall put them vpon the wodd that lyeth vpon the fyre in the alter. 13 But he shall washe the inwardes and the legges with water, and the preste shall bringe all together, and burne it vpon the alter for a burntofferynge of a swete sauoure vnto the Lorde. 14 If the burntofferynge for the sacrifyce of the Lorde be of the foules, he shal bring hys sacrifice of the turtill doues or of the yong pygeons. 15 And the preaste shall brynge it vnto the alter, and wrynge the necke a sundre of it, and burne it on the alter. But the bloud therof shall runne oute vpon, by the syde of the alter. 16 And he shal plucke awaye his croppe with hys fethers, and cast them besyde the alter on the easte parte in the place of asshes. 17 And he shall breke the wynges of it, but plucke them not asundre. And the Preaste shall burne it vpon the alter, euen vpon the wodd that is vpon the fyre, that it maye be a burnt sacrifyce for a swete sauoure vnto the Lord.

Leviticus 8:18-21

18 And he brought the ram for the burntoffrynge, and Aaron and hys sonnes put theyr handes vpon the heed of the ram, 19 which Moses kylled, and sprynkled the bloude vpon the alter rounde about, 20 and Moses cut the ram in peces and burnt the heed, the peces and the fatte, 21 and wasshed the inwardes & the legges in water, and Moses burnt the ram euery whyt vpon the alter, for a burntsacrifyce, that it myght be a swete sauoure, and an offrynge vnto the Lorde, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.

Leviticus 16:19

19 and sprynckle of the bloude vpon it with his fynger seuen tymes, and clense it, and halowe it from the vnclennesses of the chyldren of Israel.

Ezekiel 2:1

1 And then sayd he vnto me: Stande vp vpon thy fete (O thou sonne of man) and I wyll talke with the.

Ezekiel 45:18-19

18 Thus sayth the Lorde God: The fyrst daye of the first moneth thou shalt take a yonge bullocke without blemysh, and clense the sanctuarye. 19 So the preste shall take of the bloude of the synofferyng, and sprynckle it vnto the postes of the house, and vpon the foure corners of the aulter, with the dorepostes of the ynnermer courte.

Hebrews 9:13

13 For yf the bloud of oxen and of gotes & the asshes of a yong kow, when it was sprinckcled, purifieth the vnclene, as touchyng the purifyinge of the flesshe:

Hebrews 9:21-22

21 Moreouer, he sprinckled the tabernacle wyth bloud also, and all the ministringe vessels. 22 And almost all thinges are by the lawe purged with bloud, & without sheadinge of bloud is no remissyon.

Hebrews 10:4-12

4 For the bloude of oxen and of goates can not take awaye synnes. 5 Wherfore, when he commeth into the worlde he sayth: Sacryfyce and offerynge thou woldest not haue: but a bodye hast thou ordeyned me: 6 Burnt offerynges also for synne hast thou not alowed. 7 Then sayd I: lo, I am here. In the begynnyng of the booke it is written of me, that I shuld do thy will, o God. 8 Aboue, when he sayeth: sacryfice & offeryng, & burnt sacryfyces and synne offerynges thou woldest not haue, nether hast thou alowed them (whiche yet are offered by the lawe) 9 then sayd he: Lo, I am here, to do thy wyll, o God: he taketh awaye the fyrst to stablisshe the latter, 10 by wych will we are made holy, euyn by the offeryng of the body of Iesu Christe once for all. 11 And euery prest is ready dayly ministring and offryng often tymes one maner of oblacion, which can neuer take awaye synnes. 12 But thys man after he hath offered one sacrifice for synnes, is set downe for euer on the ryght hand of God,

Hebrews 12:24

24 and to Iesus the mediator of the new testament, & to the sprincklynge of bloud that speaketh better then the bloud of Abel.

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