2 Samuel 16:1 Cross References - Great

1 And when Dauid was a lytle past the toppe of the hyll: beholde Ziba the seruaunt of Miphiboseth came to mete hym with a couple of Asses sadeled, and vpon them two hundred loues and one hundred bonches of Resynges, and an hundred frayles of dryed fygges, and a bottell of wyne.

1 Samuel 10:3

3 Then shalt thou go forth from thence, & shalt come to the playne of Thabor. And there shall mete the thre men goinge vp, to God to Bethel: one caryeng thre kiddes: & another caryeng thre loues of breed: & another caryeng a botell of wyne.

1 Samuel 16:20

20 And Isai toke an asse laden with breed, and a flacket of wyne, and a kyd, and sent them by Dauid his sonne vnto Saul.

1 Samuel 17:17-18

17 And Isai sayde vnto Dauid his sonne take for thy brethren an Epha of this parched corne and these ten loaues, and brynge it vnto the hoste to thy brethren. 18 And carye these ten freshe cheses vnto the captayne, & loke howe thy brethren fare, and fett out their pledge.

1 Samuel 25:18

18 Then Abigail made hast, & toke two hundred loues, & two bottelles of wine, and fyue shepe readye dressed, and fyue measures of parched corne, and an hundred frayles of reasyngs, and two hundred topnettes of fygges, and laded them on asses,

2 Samuel 9:2-13

2 And there was of the houshold of Saul a seruaunt whose name was Ziba: & whan they had called hym vnto Dauid, the kyng sayd vnto him: art thou Ziba? He sayd: thy seruaunt is he. 3 And the kyng sayde: remayneth ther yet any man of the house of Saul, whom I maye shew the mercye of God vpon? Ziba answered the kynge: Ionathas hath yet a sonne, which is lame on his fete. 4 The king sayd vnto him where is he? Ziba sayd vnto the kynge: behold, he is in the house of Machir the sonne of Amiel of Lodeber. 5 Then kyng Dauid sent, & fett hym out of the house of Machir the sonne of Amiel, out of the Lodeber. 6 Now when Miphiboseth the sonne of Ionathas, the sonne of Saul was come vnto Dauid, he fell on his face, and did reuerence. And the kyng sayde: Miphiboseth? He answered: Behold thy seruaunt. 7 Dauid sayde vnto him: feare not, for I will surely shew the kindnesse for Ionathas thy fathers sake, & will restore the all the feldes of Saul thy father, & thou shalt eate bred on myne awne table continually. 8 And he bowed hym self, and sayde: what is thy seruaunt, that thou shuldest vouchesafe to loke vpon soche a deed dogg as I am? 9 Then the kyng called vnto Ziba Sauls young man & sayd vnto him: I haue geuen vnto thy masters sonne, all that pertayned to Saul and to all his house. 10 Se therfore that thou, & thy sonnes and thy seruauntes tyll the lande, and bryng in, that thy masters sonne maye haue fode to eate. But Miphiboseth thy masters sonne shal eate bred allwaye vpon my table. For Ziba had fiftene sonnes and twentye seruauntes. 11 Then sayd Ziba vnto the kyng: According to all that my Lord the kyng hath commaunded his seruaunt, so shall thy seruaunt do. Well (sayd the kyng) Miphiboseth shall eate vpon my table, as one of the kynges sonnes. 12 Miphiboseth had a sonne that was younge, named Micha, and all that dwelled in the house of Ziba were seruauntes vnto Miphiboseth. 13 And Miphiboseth dwelt in Ierusalem, for he dyd eate euer at the kynges table, and was lame on both his fete.

2 Samuel 15:30

30 And Dauid went vpon mount olyuet, and wepte as he went, and had his heed couered, & went barefote. And all the people that was wyth hym, had euery man hys heed couered, and as they went vp, they wepte also.

2 Samuel 15:32

32 When Dauid was come to the toppe of the mount he worshypped God: and beholde, Husai the Arachite came agaynst hym with hys coote torne, and hauynge erth vpon his heed.

2 Samuel 17:27-29

27 And when Dauid was come to Mahanaim, Sobi the sonne of Nahas out of Rabba the citie of the children of Ammon, & Machir the sonne of Ammiel out of Lodeber, and Berzelai the Gileadite out of Roglim, 28 brought beddes, basens, erthen vesselles, wheat & barly, floure, and parched corne, beanes, rice, ootmell, hony, 29 butter, shepe and chese of kyene, for Dauid and all the people that were with him, to eate. For they sayd: The people is hongrye, weerye, and thyrstye in the wyldernesse.

2 Samuel 19:32

32 Berselai was a very aged man, euen foure skore yere olde, & prouyded the kynge of sustenaunce, whyle he laye at Mahanaim: for he was a man of verye great substaunce.

1 Chronicles 12:40

40 Moreouer they that were nye them, vntyll Isacar, Zabulon and Nephtali, brought breade on Asses, Camels, Mules, & oxen, and meate: floure, fygges, reasyngs, wyne and oyle, oxen, and shepe aboundantlie. For there was ioye in Israel.

Proverbs 18:16

16 Lyberalite bryngeth a man to honoure and worshyppe, and setteth him amonge great men.

Proverbs 29:4-5

4 With true iudgement the kynge setteth vp the lande, but yf he be a man that oppressith the people with gatheringes, he turneth it vp syde downe. 5 Who so flatreth hys neyghbour, layeth a nette for his fete.

Jeremiah 40:10

10 Beholde, I dwell at Mizpa to be an officer in the Caldees be halfe, and to satisfye soche as come to vs. Therfore gather you wyne, corne and oyle, and kepe them in your ware houses, and dwell in youre cyties that ye haue in kepynge.

Jeremiah 40:12

12 All the Iewes (I saye) returned oute of all places where they were fled vnto: and came into the lande of Iuda to Godoliah vnto Mizpa, & gathered wyne & other frutes, & that very moche.

Amos 8:1

1 The Lorde God: shewed me thys vysyon: and beholde, there was a maunde wt sommer frute.

Micah 7:1

1 Wo is me: I am become as one, that goeth a gleanynge in the haruest, There are no mo grapes to eate, yet wold I fayne (wyth all my herte) haue of the best frute.

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