2 Kings 1:1 Cross References - Great

1 And Moab did wickedly agaynst Israel after the deeth of Ahab.

Numbers 24:7

7 The water droppeth out of his bouket, and hys seed shal be many waters and hys kinge shalbe hyer then Agag, And hys kyngdome shalbe exalted.

2 Samuel 8:2

2 And he smote the Moabites & measured them with a lyne, & cast them downe to the grounde. Euen wyth two lynes measured he them whom he slue, and the length of one lyne saued he alyue. And so becam the Moabites Dauids seruauntes, & payed trybute. Dauid smote also,

2 Kings 3:4-5

4 And Mesa kynge of Moab was a Lorde of shepe, and rendered vnto the kynge of Israel an hundred thousande lambes & an hundred thousande rammes with the wolle. 5 But whan Ahab was deed, it fortuned, that the kynge of Moab rebelled agaynst the kynge of Israel.

2 Kings 8:20

20 In those dayes Edom dyd wickedly when he was vnder the hande of Iuda. For they made them a kynge of theyr awne.

2 Kings 8:22

22 But Edom rebelled, so that he wold not be vnder the hande of Iuda vnto thys daye. And then Lobnah began to be disobedient euen that same tyme.

1 Chronicles 18:2

2 And he smote Moab, and the Moabites became Dauids seruauntes, and payde hym tribute.

Psalms 60:8

8 Moab is my washpotte, ouer Edom wyll I cast out my shoo. Philystea be thou glad of me.

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