Psalms 54:5 Cross References - Geneva

5 He shall rewarde euill vnto mine enemies: Oh cut them off in thy trueth!

Psalms 5:8

8 Leade me, O Lord, in thy righteousnes, because of mine enemies: make thy way plaine before my face.

Psalms 27:11

11 Teache mee thy way, O Lord, and leade me in a right path, because of mine enemies.

Psalms 31:23

23 Loue ye the Lord all his Saintes: for the Lord preserueth the faithfull, and rewardeth abundantly the proud doer.

Psalms 89:49

49 Lord, where are thy former mercies, which thou swarest vnto Dauid in thy trueth?

Psalms 94:23

23 And hee will recompence them their wickednes, and destroy them in their owne malice: yea, the Lord our God shall destroy them.

Psalms 137:8

8 O daughter of Babel, worthy to be destroyed, blessed shall he be that rewardeth thee, as thou hast serued vs.

Psalms 143:1

1 A Psalme of David. Hear my prayer, O Lord, and hearken vnto my supplication: answere me in thy trueth and in thy righteousnes.

Psalms 143:12

12 And for thy mercy slay mine enemies, and destroy all them that oppresse my soule: for I am thy seruant.

2 Timothy 4:14

14 Alexander the coppersmith hath done me much euill: the Lord rewarde him according to his workes.

Revelation 18:6

6 Rewarde her, euen as she hath rewarded you, and giue her double according to her workes: and in the cup that she hath filled to you, fill her ye double.

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