Psalms 25:4 Cross References - Geneva

4 Shew me thy waies, O Lord, and teache me thy paths.

Exodus 33:13

13 Nowe therefore, I pray thee, if I haue founde fauour in thy sight, shewe mee nowe thy way, that I may knowe thee, and that I may finde grace in thy sight: consider also that this nation is thy people.

Psalms 5:1

1 To him that excelleth upon Nehiloth. A Psalme of Dauid. Heare my wordes, O Lord: vnderstande my meditation.

Psalms 5:8

8 Leade me, O Lord, in thy righteousnes, because of mine enemies: make thy way plaine before my face.

Psalms 27:11

11 Teache mee thy way, O Lord, and leade me in a right path, because of mine enemies.

Psalms 86:11

11 Teach me thy way, O Lord, and I will walke in thy trueth: knit mine heart vnto thee, that I may feare thy Name.

Psalms 119:27

27 Make me to vnderstand ye way of thy precepts, and I will meditate in thy wondrous workes.

Psalms 143:8

8 Let me heare thy louing kindenes in the morning, for in thee is my trust: shewe mee the way, that I should walke in, for I lift vp my soule vnto thee.

Proverbs 8:20

20 I cause to walke in the way of righteousnes, and in the middes of the paths of iudgement,

Isaiah 2:3

3 And many people shall go, and say, Come, and let vs go vp to the mountaine of the Lord, to the house of the God of Iaakob, and hee will teach vs his wayes, and we will walke in his paths: for the Lawe shall go foorth of Zion, and the worde of the Lord from Ierusalem,

Jeremiah 6:16

16 Thus sayeth the Lord, Stande in the waies and beholde, and aske for the olde way, which is the good way and walke therein, and yee shall finde rest for your soules: but they saide, We will not walke therein.

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