Psalms 25:22 Cross References - Geneva

22 Deliuer Israel, O God, out of all his troubles.

Psalms 14:7

7 Oh giue saluation vnto Israel out of Zion: when the Lord turneth the captiuitie of his people, then Iaakob shall reioyce, and Israel shall be glad.

Psalms 51:18-19

18 Bee fauourable vnto Zion for thy good pleasure: builde the walles of Ierusalem. 19 Then shalt thou accept ye sacrifices of righteousnes, euen the burnt offering and oblation: then shall they offer calues vpon thine altar.

Psalms 122:6

6 Pray for the peace of Ierusalem: let them prosper that loue thee.

Psalms 130:8

8 And he shall redeeme Israel from all his iniquities.

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