Psalms 145:19 Cross References - Geneva

19 He wil fulfill the desire of them that feare him: he also wil heare their cry, and wil saue them.

Psalms 20:4

4 And graunt thee according to thine heart, and fulfill all thy purpose:

Psalms 34:9

9 Feare the Lord, ye his Saintes: for nothing wanteth to them that feare him.

Psalms 34:17

17 The righteous crie, and the Lord heareth them, and deliuereth them out of all their troubles.

Psalms 36:7-8

7 How excellent is thy mercy, O God! therefore the children of men trust vnder the shadowe of thy wings. 8 They shall be satisfied with the fatnesse of thine house, and thou shalt giue them drinke out of the riuer of thy pleasures.

Psalms 37:4

4 And delite thy selfe in the Lord, and hee shall giue thee thine hearts desire.

Psalms 37:19

19 They shall not be confounded in the perilous time, and in the daies of famine they shall haue ynough.

Psalms 37:39-40

39 But the saluation of the righteous men shalbe of the Lord: he shalbe their strength in the time of trouble. 40 For the Lord shall helpe them, and deliuer them: he shall deliuer them from the wicked, and shall saue them, because they trust in him.

Psalms 91:15

15 He shall call vpon me, and I wil heare him: I will be with him in trouble: I will deliuer him, and glorifie him.

Proverbs 15:29

29 The Lord is farre off from the wicked: but he heareth the prayer of the righteous.

Matthew 5:6

6 Blessed are they which hunger and thirst for righteousnes: for they shalbe filled.

Luke 1:53

53 Hee hath filled the hungrie with good things, and sent away the rich emptie.

John 15:7

7 If ye abide in me, and my wordes abide in you, aske what ye wil, and it shalbe done to you.

John 15:16

16 Ye haue not chosen me, but I haue chosen you, and ordeined you, that ye goe and bring foorth fruite, and that your fruite remaine, that whatsoeuer ye shall aske of the Father in my Name, he may giue it you.

John 16:24

24 Hitherto haue ye asked nothing in my Name: aske, and ye shall receiue, that your ioye may be full.

Ephesians 3:16-20

16 That he might graunt you according to the riches of his glorie, that ye may be strengthened by his Spirit in the inner man, 17 That Christ may dwell in your heartes by faith: 18 That ye, being rooted and grounded in loue, may be able to comprehend with al Saints, what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height: 19 And to knowe the loue of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye may be filled with all fulnesse of God. 20 Vnto him therefore that is able to do exceeding aboundantly aboue all that we aske or thinke, according to the power that worketh in vs,

1 John 5:15

15 And if we know that he heareth vs, whatsoeuer we aske, we know that we haue the petitions, that we haue desired of him.

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