Psalms 141:1 Cross References - Geneva

1 A Psalme of David. O Lord, I call vpon thee: haste thee vnto me: heare my voyce, when I cry vnto thee.

Job 7:21

21 And why doest thou not pardon my trespasse? and take away mine iniquitie? for nowe shall I sleepe in the dust, and if thou seekest me in the morning, I shall not be found.

Psalms 22:19

19 But be thou not farre off, O Lord, my strength: hasten to helpe me.

Psalms 40:13

13 Let it please thee, O Lord, to deliuer mee: make haste, O Lord, to helpe me.

Psalms 69:17-18

17 And hide not thy face from thy seruant, for I am in trouble: make haste and heare me. 18 Draw neere vnto my soule and redeeme it: deliuer me because of mine enemies.

Psalms 70:5

5 Nowe I am poore and needie: O God, make haste to me: thou art mine helper, and my deliuerer: O Lord, make no tarying.

Psalms 71:12

12 Goe not farre from me, O God: my God, haste thee to helpe me.

Psalms 143:1

1 A Psalme of David. Hear my prayer, O Lord, and hearken vnto my supplication: answere me in thy trueth and in thy righteousnes.

Psalms 143:7

7 Heare me speedily, O Lord, for my spirit fayleth: hide not thy face from me, els I shall be like vnto them that go downe into the pit.

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