Numbers 30:9 Cross References - Geneva

9 But if her husband disallow her the same day that hee heareth it, then shall hee make her vowe which shee hath made, and that that shee hath pronounced with her lips, wherewith shee bound her selfe, of none effect: and the Lord will forgiue her.

Leviticus 21:7

7 They shall not take to wife an whore, or one polluted, neither shall they marrie a woman diuorced from her husband: for such one is holy vnto his God.

Luke 2:37

37 And she was widowe about foure score and foure yeeres, and went not out of the Temple, but serued God with fastings and prayers, night and day.

Romans 7:2

2 For the woman which is in subiection to a man, is bound by the Lawe to the man, while he liueth: but if the man bee dead, shee is deliuered from the lawe of the man.

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