Leviticus 20:25 Cross References - Geneva

25 Therefore shall ye put difference betweene cleane beastes and vncleane, and betweene vncleane foules and cleane: neither shall ye defile your selues with beastes and foules, nor with any creeping thing, that ye ground bringeth forth, which I haue separated from you as vncleane.

Leviticus 11:1-47

1 After, the Lord spake vnto Moses and to Aaron, saying vnto them, 2 Speake vnto the children of Israel, and say, These are the beastes which yee shall eate, among all the beasts that are on the earth. 3 Whatsoeuer parteth the hoofe, and is clouen footed, and cheweth the cudde, among the beastes, that shall ye eate. 4 But of them that chewe the cud, or deuide the hoofe onely, of them yee shall not eate: as the camel, because he cheweth the cud, and deuideth not ye hoofe, he shall be vncleane vnto you. 5 Likewise the conie, because he cheweth the cud and deuideth not the hoofe, he shall bee vncleane to you. 6 Also the hare, because he cheweth the cud, and deuideth not the hoofe, he shalbe vncleane to you. 7 And the swine, because he parteth ye hoofe and is clouen footed, but cheweth not the cud, he shalbe vncleane to you. 8 Of their flesh shall yee not eate, and their carkeise shall yee not touch: for they shall bee vncleane to you. 9 These shall ye eate, of all that are in the waters: whatsoeuer hath finnes and skales in ye waters, in the seas, or in the riuers, them shall ye eate. 10 But all that haue not finnes nor skales in the seas, or in the riuers, of all that moueth in the waters, and of al liuing things that are in the waters, they shalbe an abomination vnto you. 11 They, I say, shalbe an abomination to you: ye shall not eate of their flesh, but shall abhorre their carkeis. 12 Whatsoeuer hath not fins nor skales in the waters, that shalbe abomination vnto you. 13 These shall ye haue also in abomination among the foules, they shall not be eaten: for they are an abomination, the eagle, and the goshauke, and the osprey: 14 Also the vultur, and the kite after his kinde, 15 And all rauens after their kinde: 16 The ostrich also, and the night crowe, and the seameaw, and the hauke after his kinde: 17 The litle owle also, and the connorant, and the great owle. 18 Also the redshanke and the pelicane, and the swanne: 19 The storke also, the heron after his kinde, and the lapwing, and the backe: 20 Also euery foule that creepeth and goeth vpon all foure, such shalbe an abomination vnto you. 21 Yet these shall ye eate: of euery foule that creepeth, and goeth vpon all foure which haue their feete and legs all of one to leape withal vpon the earth, 22 Of them ye shall eate these, the grashopper after his kinde, and the solean after his kinde, the hargol after his kinde, and the hagab after his kind. 23 But al other foules that creepe and haue foure feete, they shalbe abomination vnto you. 24 For by such ye shalbe polluted: whosoeuer toucheth their carkeis, shalbe vncleane vnto the euening. 25 Whosoeuer also beareth of their carkeis, shall wash his clothes, and be vncleane vntil euen. 26 Euery beast that hath clawes deuided, and is not clouen footed, nor cheweth the cud, such shalbe vncleane vnto you: euery one that toucheth them, shalbe vncleane. 27 And whatsoeuer goeth vpon his pawes among all maner beastes that goeth on all foure, such shalbe vncleane vnto you: who so doth touch their carkeis shalbe vncleane vntil the euen. 28 And he that beareth their carkeis, shall wash his clothes, and be vncleane vntill the euen: for such shalbe vncleane vnto you. 29 Also these shalbe vncleane to you amog the things that creepe and moue vpon the earth, the weasell, and the mouse, and the frog, after his kinde: 30 Also the rat, and the lizard, and the chameleon, and the stellio, and the molle. 31 These shall be vncleane to you among all that creepe: whosoeuer doeth touch them when they be dead, shalbe vncleane vntil the euen. 32 Also whatsoeuer any of the dead carkeises of them doth fall vpon, shalbe vncleane, whether it be vessel of wood, or rayment, or skinne, or sacke: whatsoeuer vessel it be that is occupied, it shalbe put in the water as vncleane vntil the euen, and so be purified. 33 But euery earthen vessel, whereinto any of them falleth, whatsoeuer is within it shalbe vncleane, and ye shall breake it. 34 Al meate also that shalbe eaten, if any such water come vpon it, shalbe vncleane: and all drinke that shalbe drunke in al such vessels shalbe vncleane. 35 And euery thing that their carkeis fall vpon, shalbe vncleane: the fornais or the pot shalbe broken: for they are vncleane, and shalbe vncleane vnto you. 36 Yet the fountaines and welles where there is plentie of water shalbe cleane: but that which toucheth their carkeises shalbe vncleane. 37 And if there fal of their dead carkeis vpon any seede, which vseth to be sowe, it shalbe cleane. 38 But if any water be powred vpon ye seede, and there fal of their dead carkeis thereon, it shall be vncleane vnto you. 39 If also any beast, whereof ye may eate, die, he that toucheth the carkeis thereof shall be vncleane vntil the euen. 40 And he that eateth of the carkeis of it, shall wash his clothes and be vncleane vntil the euen: he also that beareth the carkeis of it, shall wash his clothes, and be vncleane vntil the euen. 41 Euery creeping thing therefore that creepeth vpon the earth shalbe an abomination, and not be eaten. 42 Whatsoeuer goeth vpon the breast, and whatsoeuer goeth vpon al foure, or that hath many feete among all creeping thinges that creepe vpon the earth, ye shall not eate of them, for they shalbe abomination. 43 Ye shall not pollute your selues with any thing that creepeth, neither make your selues vncleane with them, neither defile your selues thereby: ye shall not, I say, be defiled by them, 44 For I am the Lord your God: be sanctified therefore, and be holy, for I am holy, and defile not your selues with any creeping thing, that creepeth vpon the earth. 45 For I am the Lord that brought you out of the lande of Egypt, to be your God, and that you should be holy, for I am holy. 46 This is the law of beasts, and of foules, and of euery liuing thing that moueth in the waters, and of euery thing that creepeth vpon the earth: 47 That there may be a difference betweene the vncleane and cleane, and betweene the beast that may be eaten, and the beast that ought not to be eaten.

Deuteronomy 14:3-21

3 Thou shalt eate no maner of abomination. 4 These are the beastes, which ye shall eate, the beefe, the sheepe, and the goate, 5 The hart, and the roe buck, and the bugle, and the wilde goate, and the vnicorne, and the wilde oxe, and the chamois. 6 And euery beast that parteth ye hoofe, and cleaueth the clift into two clawes, and is of the beasts that cheweth the cudde, that shall ye eate. 7 But these ye shall not eate, of them that chew the cud, and of them that deuide and cleaue the hoofe onely: ye camell, nor the hare, nor the cony: for they chewe the cudde, but deuide not ye hoofe: therefore they shall be vncleane vnto you: 8 Also the swine, because he deuideth the hoofe, and cheweth not the cud, shalbe vncleane vnto you: ye shall not eate of their flesh, nor touch their dead carkeises. 9 These ye shall eate, of all that are in the waters: all that haue finnes and scales shall ye eate. 10 And whatsoeuer hath no finnes nor scales, ye shall not eate: it shall be vncleane vnto you. 11 Of all cleane birdes ye shall eate: 12 But these are they, whereof ye shall not eate: the eagle, nor the goshawke, nor the osprey, 13 Nor the glead nor the kite, nor the vulture, after their kind, 14 Nor all kinde of rauens, 15 Nor the ostrich, nor the nightcrow, nor the semeaw, nor the hawke after her kinde, 16 Neither the litle owle, nor the great owle, nor the redshanke, 17 Nor the pellicane, nor the swanne, nor the cormorant: 18 The storke also, and the heron in his kinde, nor the lapwing, nor the backe. 19 And euery creeping thing that flieth, shall be vncleane vnto you: it shall not be eaten. 20 But of all cleane foules ye may eate. 21 Ye shall eate of nothing that dieth alone, but thou shalt giue it vnto the stranger that is within thy gates, that he may eate it: or thou maiest sell it vnto a stranger: for thou art an holy people vnto the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mothers milke.

Acts 10:11-15

11 And hee sawe heauen opened, and a certaine vessell come downe vnto him, as it had bene a great sheete, knit at the foure corners, and was let downe to the earth. 12 Wherein were all maner of foure footed beastes of the earth, and wilde beastes and creeping things, and foules of the heauen. 13 And there came a voyce to him, Arise, Peter: kill, and eate. 14 But Peter sayd, Not so, Lord: for I haue neuer eaten any thing that is polluted, or vncleane. 15 And the voyce spake vnto him againe the second time, The things that God hath purified, pollute thou not.

Acts 10:28

28 And he sayd vnto them, Ye know that it is an vnlawfull thing for a man that is a Iewe, to company, or come vnto one of another nation: but God hath shewed me, that I should not call any man polluted, or vncleane.

Ephesians 5:7-11

7 Be not therefore companions with them. 8 For ye were once darkenesse, but are nowe light in the Lord: walke as children of light, 9 (For the fruit of the Spirit is in al goodnes, and righteousnes, and trueth) 10 Approuing that which is pleasing to the Lord. 11 And haue no fellowship with ye vnfruitfull works of darknes, but euen reproue them rather.

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