Joshua 9:6 Cross References - Geneva

6 So they came vnto Ioshua into the hoste to Gilgal, and said vnto him, and vnto the men of Israel, Wee be come from a farre countrey: nowe therefore make a league with vs.

Deuteronomy 20:11-15

11 And if it answere thee againe peaceably, and open vnto thee, then let all the people that is founde therein, be tributaries vnto thee, and serue thee. 12 But if it will make no peace with thee, but make war against thee, then shalt thou besiege it. 13 And the Lord thy God shall deliuer it into thine handes, and thou shalt smite all the males thereof with the edge of the sworde. 14 Onely the women, and the children, and the cattel, and all that is in the citie, euen all the spoyle thereof shalt thou take vnto thy selfe, and shalt eate the spoyle of thine enemies, which the Lord thy God hath giuen thee. 15 Thus shalt thou do vnto all ye cities, which are a great way off from thee, which are not of the cities of these nations here.

Joshua 5:10

10 So the children of Israel abode in Gilgal, and kept ye feast of the Passeouer the fourteenth day of the moneth at euen in ye plaine of Iericho.

Joshua 9:9

9 And they answered him, From a very farre countrey thy seruants are come for the Name of the Lord thy God: for we haue heard his fame and all that he hath done in Egypt,

Joshua 10:43

43 Afterward, Ioshua and all Israel with him returned vnto the campe in Gilgal.

1 Kings 8:41

41 Moreouer as touching the stranger that is not of thy people Israel, who shall come out of a farre countrey for thy Names sake,

2 Kings 20:14

14 Then Isaiah the Prophet came vnto King Hezekiah, and saide vnto him, What saide these men? and from whence came they to thee? And Hezekiah said, They be come from a farre countrey, euen from Babel.

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