John 16:27 Cross References - Geneva

27 For the Father himselfe loueth you, because ye haue loued me, and haue beleeued that I came out from God.

Zephaniah 3:17

17 The Lord thy God in the middes of thee is mightie: hee will saue, hee will reioyce ouer thee with ioye: he will quiet himselfe in his loue: he will reioyce ouer thee with ioy.

Matthew 10:37

37 He that loueth father or mother more then me, is not worthie of me. And he that loueth sonne, or daughter more then mee, is not worthie of me.

John 3:13

13 For no man ascendeth vp to heauen, but he that hath descended from heauen, that Sonne of man which is in heauen.

John 7:29

29 But I knowe him: for I am of him, and he hath sent me.

John 8:42

42 Therefore Iesus sayde vnto them, If God were your Father, then woulde ye loue mee: for I proceeded foorth, and came from God, neither came I of my selfe, but he sent me.

John 14:21

21 He that hath my commandements, and keepeth them, is he that loueth me: and he that loueth me, shall be loued of my Father: and I will loue him, and wil shewe mine owne selfe to him.

John 14:23

23 Iesus answered, and sayd vnto him, If any man loue me, he will keepe my worde, and my Father will loue him, and we wil come vnto him, and wil dwell with him.

John 16:30

30 Nowe knowe wee that thou knowest all things, and needest not that any man should aske thee. By this we beleeue, that thou art come out from God.

John 17:7-8

7 Nowe they knowe that all things whatsoeuer thou hast giuen me, are of thee. 8 For I haue giuen vnto them the wordes which thou gauest me, and they haue receiued them, and haue knowen surely that I came out from thee, and haue beleeued that thou hast sent me.

John 17:23

23 I in them, and thou in mee, that they may be made perfect in one, and that the worlde may knowe that thou hast sent mee, and hast loued them, as thou hast loued me.

John 17:25-26

25 O righteous Father, the worlde also hath not knowen thee, but I haue knowen thee, and these haue knowen, that thou hast sent me. 26 And I haue declared vnto the thy Name, and will declare it, that the loue wherewith thou hast loued me, may be in them, and I in them.

John 21:15-17

15 So when they had dined, Iesus said to Simon Peter, Simon the sonne of Iona, louest thou me more then these? He said vnto him, Yea Lord, thou knowest that I loue thee. He said vnto him, Feede my lambes. 16 He said to him againe the second time, Simon the sonne of Iona, louest thou me? He said vnto him, Yea Lord, thou knowest that I loue thee. He said vnto him, Feede my sheepe. 17 He said vnto him the third time, Simon the sonne of Iona, louest thou me? Peter was sorie because he said to him the third time, Louest thou me? and said vnto him, Lord, thou knowest all things: thou knowest that I loue thee. Iesus saide vnto him, Feede my sheepe.

Romans 8:3

3 For (that that was impossible to ye Lawe, in as much as it was weake, because of ye flesh) God sending his owne Sonne, in ye similitude of sinful flesh, and for sinne, condened sinne in the flesh,

1 Corinthians 15:47

47 The first man is of the earth, earthly: the second man is the Lord from heauen.

1 Corinthians 16:22

22 If any man loue not the Lord Iesus Christ, let him be had in execration maran-atha.

2 Corinthians 5:14

14 For that loue of Christ constraineth vs,

Galatians 4:4

4 But when the fulnesse of time was come, God sent forth his Sonne made of a woman, and made vnder the Lawe,

Ephesians 6:24

24 Grace be with all them which loue our Lord Iesus Christ, to their immortalitie, Amen.

1 Timothy 1:15

15 This is a true saying, and by all meanes worthy to be receiued, that Christ Iesus came into the worlde to saue sinners, of whom I am chiefe.

Hebrews 12:6

6 For whom the Lord loueth, he chasteneth: and he scourgeth euery sonne that he receiueth:

1 Peter 1:8

8 Whome yee haue not seene, and yet loue him, in whome nowe, though yee see him not, yet doe you beleeue, and reioyce with ioy vnspeakeable and glorious,

1 John 4:19

19 We loue him, because he loued vs first.

Jude 1:20-21

20 But, yee beloued, edifie your selues in your most holy faith, praying in the holy Ghost, 21 And keepe your selues in the loue of God, looking for the mercie of our Lord Iesus Christ, vnto eternall life.

Revelation 3:9

9 Behold, I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan, which call themselues Iewes, and are not, but doe lye: beholde, I say, I will make them, that they shall come and worship before thy feete, and shall knowe that I haue loued thee.

Revelation 3:19

19 As many as I loue, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore and amend.

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