Job 2:1 Cross References - Geneva

1 And on a day the children of God came and stood before the Lord, and Satan came also among them, and stoode before the Lord.

Job 1:6

6 Nowe on a day when the children of God came and stoode before the Lord, Satan came also among them.

Isaiah 6:1-2

1 In the yeere of the death of King Vzziah, I saw also the Lord sitting vpon an high throne, and lifted vp, and the lower partes thereof filled the Temple. 2 The Seraphims stoode vpon it: euery one had sixe wings: with twaine he couered his face, and with twaine hee couered his feete, and with twaine he did flie.

Luke 1:19

19 And the Angell answered, and sayde vnto him, I am Gabriel that stand in the presence of God, and am sent to speake vnto thee, and to shew thee these good tidings.

Hebrews 1:14

14 Are they not al ministring spirits, sent forth to minister, for their sakes which shalbe heires of saluation?

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