Isaiah 41:28 Cross References - Geneva

28 But when I behelde, there was none, and when I inquired of them, there was no counsellor, and when I demaunded of them, they answered not a woorde.

Isaiah 40:13-14

13 Who hath instructed ye Spirit of the Lord? or was his counseler or taught him? 14 Of whom tooke he counsell, and who instructed him and taught him in the way of iudgement? or taught him knowledge, and shewed vnto him the way of vnderstanding?

Isaiah 50:2

2 Wherefore came I, and there was no man? I called, and none answered: is mine hand so shortened, that it cannot helpe? or haue I no power to deliuer? Beholde, at my rebuke I drie vp the Sea: I make the floods desert: their fish rotteth for want of water, and dieth for thirst.

Isaiah 59:16

16 And when he sawe that there was no man, hee wondered that none woulde offer him selfe. Therefore his arme did saue it, and his righteousnes it selfe did sustaine it.

Isaiah 63:5

5 And I looked, and there was none to helpe, and I wondered that there was none to vpholde: therefore mine owne arme helped me, and my wrath it selfe sustained me.

Daniel 2:10-11

10 Then the Caldeans answered before the King, and sayde, There is no man vpon earth that can declare the Kings matter: yea, there is neither king nor prince nor lorde that asked such things at an inchanter or astrologian or Caldean. 11 For it is a rare thing that the King requireth, and there is none other that can declare it before the King, except the gods whose dwelling is not with flesh.

Daniel 4:7-8

7 Thus were the visions of mine head in my bed. And beholde, I sawe a tree in the middes of the earth and the height thereof was great: 8 A great tree and strong, and the height thereof reached vnto heauen, and the sight thereof to the endes of all the earth.

Daniel 5:8

8 Then came all the Kings wise men, but they could neither reade the writing, nor shewe the King the interpretation.

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