Isaiah 41:1 Cross References - Geneva

1 Keep silence before mee, O ylands, and let the people renue their strength: let the come neere, and let them speake: let vs come together into iudgement.

Job 23:3-7

3 Would God yet I knew how to finde him, I would enter vnto his place. 4 I would pleade the cause before him, and fill my mouth with arguments. 5 I would knowe the wordes, that he would answere me, and would vnderstand what he would say vnto me. 6 Would he plead against me with his great power? No, but he would put strength in me. 7 There the righteous might reason with him, so I shoulde be deliuered for euer from my Iudge.

Job 31:35-36

35 Oh that I had some to heare me! beholde my signe that the Almightie will witnesse for me: though mine aduersary should write a booke against me, 36 Woulde not I take it vpon my shoulder, and binde it as a crowne vnto me?

Job 38:3

3 Girde vp nowe thy loynes like a man: I will demande of thee and declare thou vnto me.

Job 40:7-10

7 Looke on euery one that is arrogant, and bring him lowe: and destroy the wicked in their place. 8 Hide them in the dust together, and binde their faces in a secret place. 9 Then will I confesse vnto thee also, that thy right hand can saue thee. 10 Behold now Behemoth (whom I made with thee) which eateth grasse as an oxe.

Psalms 46:10

10 Be still and knowe that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, and I wil be exalted in the earth.

Isaiah 1:18

18 Come nowe, and let vs reason together, sayth the Lord: though your sinnes were as crimsin, they shalbe made white as snowe: though they were red like skarlet, they shalbe as wooll.

Isaiah 8:9-10

9 Gather together on heapes, O ye people, and ye shalbe broken in pieces, and hearken all ye of farre countreys: gird your selues, and you shalbe broken in pieces: gird your selues, and you shalbe broken in pieces. 10 Take counsell together, yet it shall be brought to nought: pronounce a decree, yet shall it not stand: for God is with vs.

Isaiah 11:11

11 And in the same day shall the Lord stretche out his hand againe the second time, to possesse the remnant of his people, (which shalbe left) of Asshur, and of Egypt, and of Pathros, and of Ethiopia, and of Elam, and of Shinear, and of Hamath, and of the yles of the sea.

Isaiah 34:1

1 Come neere, ye nations and heare, and hearken, ye people: let the earth heare and all that is therein, the world and al that proceedeth thereof.

Isaiah 41:6-7

6 Euery man helped his neighbour, and saide to his brother, Be strong. 7 So the workeman comforted the founder, and he that smote with ye hammer, him that smote by course, saying, It is ready for the sodering, and he fastened it with nayles that it shoulde not be mooued.

Isaiah 41:21-22

21 Stand to your cause, saith the Lord: bring forth your strong reasons, saith ye King of Iaakob. 22 Let them bring foorth, and let them tell vs what shall come: let them shew the former things what they be, that wee may consider them, and knowe the latter ende of them: either declare vs things for to come.

Isaiah 48:16

16 Come neere vnto me: heare ye this: I haue not spoken it in secret from the beginning: from the time that the thing was, I was there, and now the Lord God and his Spirit hath sent me.

Isaiah 49:1

1 Hear yee me, O yles, and hearken, yee people from farre. The Lord hath called me from the wombe, and made mention of my name from my mothers bellie.

Isaiah 50:8

8 Hee is neere that iustifieth mee: who will contend with me? Let vs stande together: who is mine aduersarie? let him come neere to me.

Joel 3:10-11

10 Breake your plowshares into swords, and your sithes into speares: let the weake say, I am strong. 11 Assemble your selues, and come all yee heathen and gather your selues together round about: there shall the Lord cast downe the mightie men.

Micah 6:1-3

1 Hearken ye nowe what the Lord sayth, Arise thou, and contende before the mountaines, and let the hilles heare thy voyce. 2 Heare ye, O mountaynes, the Lordes quarel, and ye mightie foundations of the earth: for the Lord hath a quarell against his people, and he will pleade with Israel. 3 O my people, what haue I done vnto thee? or wherin haue I grieued thee? testifie against me.

Habakkuk 2:20

20 But the Lord is in his holy Temple: let all the earth keepe silence before him.

Zechariah 2:13

13 Let all flesh be still before the Lord: for he is raised vp out of his holy place.

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