Genesis 31:9 Cross References - Geneva

9 Thus hath God taken away your fathers substance, and giuen it me.

Genesis 31:1

1 Now he heard the words of Labans sonnes, saying, Iaakob hath taken away all that was our fathers, and of our fathers goods hath he gotten all this honour.

Genesis 31:16

16 Therefore all the riches, which God hath taken from our father, is ours and our childrens: nowe then whatsoeuer God hath saide vnto thee, doe it.

Esther 8:1-2

1 The same day did King Ahashuerosh giue the house of Haman the aduersarie of the Iewes vnto the Queene Ester. and Mordecai came before the King: for Ester tolde what hee was vnto her. 2 And the King tooke off his ring, which he had taken from Haman, and gaue it vnto Mordecai: and Ester set Mordecai ouer the house of Haman.

Psalms 50:10

10 For all the beastes of the forest are mine, and the beastes on a thousand mountaines.

Proverbs 13:22

22 The good man shall giue inheritance vnto his childrens children: and the riches of the sinner is layde vp for the iust.

Matthew 20:15

15 Is it not lawfull for me to do as I will with mine owne? Is thine eye euil, because I am good?

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