Ezekiel 18:27 Cross References - Geneva

27 Againe when the wicked turneth away from his wickednes that he hath committed, and doeth that which is lawfull and right, he shall saue his soule aliue.

Isaiah 1:18

18 Come nowe, and let vs reason together, sayth the Lord: though your sinnes were as crimsin, they shalbe made white as snowe: though they were red like skarlet, they shalbe as wooll.

Isaiah 55:7

7 Let the wicked forsake his wayes, and the vnrighteous his owne imaginations, and returne vnto the Lord, and he wil haue mercy vpon him: and to our God, for hee is very ready to forgiue.

Ezekiel 18:21

21 But if the wicked will returne from all his sinnes that he hath committed, and keepe all my statutes, and doe that which is lawfull and right, he shall surely liue, and shall not die.

Ezekiel 33:5

5 For he heard the sound of the trumpet, and woulde not bee admonished: therefore his blood shall be vpon him: but he that receiueth warning, shall saue his life.

Matthew 9:13

13 But goe yee and learne what this is, I will haue mercie, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but the sinners to repentance.

Matthew 21:28-32

28 But what thinke ye? A certaine man had two sonnes, and came to the elder, and saide, Sonne, goe and worke to day in my vineyarde. 29 But he answered, and said, I will not: yet afterward he repented himselfe, and went. 30 Then came he to the second, and said likewise. And he answered, and said, I will, Syr: yet he went not. 31 Whether of them twaine did the will of the father? They saide vnto him, The first. Iesus saide vnto them, Verely I say vnto you, that the Publicanes and the harlots goe before you into the kingdome of God. 32 For Iohn came vnto you in the way of righteousnes, and yee beleeued him not: but the Publicanes, and the harlots beleeued him, and ye, though ye sawe it, were not mooued with repentance afterward, that ye might beleeue him.

Acts 2:40

40 And with many other words he besought and exhorted them, saying, Saue your selues from this froward generation.

Acts 3:19

19 Amend your liues therefore, and turne, that your sinnes may be put away, whe the time of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.

Acts 20:21

21 Witnessing both to the Iewes, and to the Grecians the repentance towarde God, and faith toward our Lord Iesus Christ.

Acts 26:20

20 But shewed first vnto them of Damascus, and at Hierusalem, and throughout all the coasts of Iudea, and then to the Gentiles, that they should repent and turne to God, and doe workes worthy amendment of life.

1 Timothy 4:16

16 Take heede vnto thy selfe, and vnto learning: continue therein: for in doing this thou shalt both saue thy selfe, and them that heare thee.

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