Ecclesiastes 2:15 Cross References - Geneva

15 Then I thought in mine heart, It befalleth vnto me, as it befalleth to ye foole. Why therefore doe I then labour to be more wise? And I sayd in mine heart, that this also is vanitie.

1 Kings 3:12

12 Beholde, I haue done according to thy wordes: lo, I haue giuen thee a wise and an vnderstanding heart, so that there hath bene none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall arise the like vnto thee.

Ecclesiastes 1:2

2 Vanitie of vanities, sayth the Preacher: vanitie of vanities, all is vanitie.

Ecclesiastes 1:14

14 I haue considered all the workes that are done vnder the sunne, and beholde, all is vanitie, and vexation of the spirit.

Ecclesiastes 1:16

16 I thought in mine heart, and said, Behold, I am become great, and excell in wisdome all them that haue bene before me in Ierusalem: and mine heart hath seene much wisedome and knowledge.

Ecclesiastes 1:18-2:1

18 For in the multitude of wisedome is much griefe: and he that increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorowe.

Ecclesiastes 2:16

16 For there shalbe no remembrance of the wise, nor of the foole for euer: for that that now is, in the dayes to come shall all be forgotten. And howe dyeth the wise man, as doeth the foole?

Ecclesiastes 6:8

8 For what hath the wise man more then the foole? what hath the poore that knoweth how to walke before the liuing?

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