2 Samuel 24:18 Cross References - Geneva

18 So Gad came the same day to Dauid, and said vnto him, Go vp, reare an altar vnto the Lord in the threshing floore of Araunah the Iebusite.

2 Samuel 24:11

11 And when Dauid was vp in the morning, the worde of the Lord came vnto the Prophet Gad Dauids Seer, saying,

1 Chronicles 21:18-30

18 Then the Angel of the Lord commanded Gad to say to Dauid, that Dauid should goe vp, and set vp an altar vnto the Lord in the thresshing floore of Ornan the Iebusite. 19 So Dauid went vp according to the saying of Gad, which he had spoken in the Name of the Lord. 20 And Ornan turned about, and sawe the Angel, and his foure sonnes, that were with him, hid them selues, and Ornan thresshed wheat. 21 And as Dauid came to Ornan, Ornan looked and sawe Dauid, and went out of the thresshing floore, and bowed himselfe to Dauid with his face to the grounde. 22 And Dauid saide to Ornan, Giue me the place of thy thresshing floore, that I may builde an altar therein vnto the Lord: giue it me for sufficient money, that the plague may be stayed from the people. 23 Then Ornan saide vnto Dauid, Take it to thee, and let my lord the King do that which seemeth him good: loe, I giue thee bullockes for burnt offrings, and thresshing instruments for wood, and wheat for meate offring, I giue it all. 24 And King Dauid saide to Ornan, Not so: but I will bye it for sufficient money: for I wil not take that which is thine for the Lord, nor offer burnt offrings without cost. 25 So Dauid gaue to Ornan for that place sixe hundreth shekels of golde by weight. 26 And Dauid built there an altar vnto the Lord, and offred burnt offrings, and peace offrings, and called vpon the Lord, and he answered him by fire from heauen vpon the altar of burnt offring. 27 And when the Lord had spoken to the Angel, he put vp his sworde againe into his sheath. 28 At that time when Dauid sawe that the Lord had heard him in the thresshing floore of Ornan the Iebusite, then he sacrificed there. 29 (But the Tabernacle of the Lord which Moses had made in the wildernesse, and the altar of burnt offring were at that season in the hie place at Gibeon. 30 And Dauid could not go before it to aske counsel at God: for he was afraide of the sworde of the Angel of the Lord.)

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