1 Samuel 14:41 Cross References - Geneva

41 Then Saul said vnto the Lord God of Israel, Giue a perfite lot. And Ionathan and Saul were taken, but the people escaped.

Joshua 7:16-18

16 So Ioshua rose vp earely in the morning and brought Israel by their tribes: and the tribe of Iudah was taken. 17 And he brought the families of Iudah, and tooke the familie of the Zarhites, and he brought the familie of the Zarhites, man by man, and Zabdi was taken. 18 And he brought his houshold, man by man, and Achan ye sonne of Carmi, the sonne of Zabdi, the sonne of Zerah of the tribe of Iudah was take.

1 Samuel 10:20-21

20 And when Samuel had gathered together all the tribes of Israel, the tribe of Beniamin was taken. 21 Afterwarde he assembled the tribe of Beniamin according to their families, and the familie of Matri was taken. So Saul the sonne of Kish was taken, and when they sought him, he coulde not be found.

Proverbs 16:33

33 The lot is cast into the lap: but the whole disposition thereof is of the Lord.

Jonah 1:7

7 And they saide euery one to his fellowe, Come, and let vs cast lottes, that we may know, for whose cause this euill is vpon vs. So they cast lottes, and the lot fell vpon Ionah.

Acts 1:24

24 And they praied, saying, Thou Lord, which knowest the hearts of all men, shewe whether of these two thou hast chosen,

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