1 Chronicles 6:10 Cross References - Geneva

10 And Iohanan begate Azariah (it was hee that was Priest in the house that Salomon built in Ierusalem)

1 Kings 6:1-7

1 And in the foure hundreth and foure score yeere (after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt) and in the fourth yere of the reigne of Salomon ouer Israel, in the moneth Zif, (which is the second moneth) he built the house of the Lord. 2 And the house which King Salomon built for the Lord, was three score cubites long, and twentie broade, and thirtie cubites hie. 3 And the porch before the Temple of the house was twentie cubites long according to the breadth of the house, and ten cubites broade before the house. 4 And in the house he made windowes, broad without, and narrowe within. 5 And by the wall of the house hee made galleries round about, euen by the walles of the house round about the Temple and the oracle, and made chambers round about. 6 The nethermost gallerie was fiue cubites broade, and the middlemost sixe cubites broade, and the third seuen cubites broade: for he made restes round about without the house, that the beames should not be fastened in the walles of the house. 7 And when the house was built, it was built of stone perfite, before it was brought, so that there was neither hammer, nor axe, nor any toole of yron heard in the house, while it was in building.

2 Chronicles 3:1

1 So Salomon began to buyld the house of the Lord in Ierusalem, in mount Moriah which had bene declared vnto Dauid his father, in the place that Dauid prepared in the thresshing floore of Ornan the Iebusite.

2 Chronicles 3:4

4 And the porch, that was before the length in the front of the breadth was twentie cubits, and the height was an hundreth and twentie, and he ouerlayd it within with pure golde.

2 Chronicles 26:17-20

17 And Azariah the Priest went in after him, and with him foure score Priests of the Lord, valiant men. 18 And they withstoode Vzziah the King, and said vnto him, It perteineth not to thee, Vzziah, to burne incense vnto the Lord, but to the Priests the sonnes of Aaron, that are consecrated for to offer incense: goe forth of the Sanctuarie: for thou hast transgressed, and thou shalt haue none honour of the Lord God. 19 Then Vzziah was wroth, and had incense in his hand to burne it: and while he was wroth with the Priestes, the leprosie rose vp in his forehead before the Priestes in the house of the Lord beside the incense altar. 20 And when Azariah the chiefe Priest with al the Priestes looked vpon him, behold, he was leprous in his forehead, and they caused him hastily to depart thence: and he was euen compelled to go out, because the Lord had smitten him.

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