1 Chronicles 16:31 Cross References - Geneva

31 Let the heauens reioyce, and let the earth be glad, and let them say among the nations, The Lord reigneth.

Psalms 19:1

1 To him that excelleth. A Psalme of Dauid. The heauens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth ye worke of his hands.

Psalms 89:5

5 O Lord, euen the heauens shall prayse thy wonderous worke: yea, thy trueth in the Congregation of the Saints.

Psalms 93:1-2

1 The Lord reigneth, and is clothed with maiestie: the Lord is clothed, and girded with power: the world also shall be established, that it cannot be mooued. 2 Thy throne is established of olde: thou art from euerlasting.

Psalms 96:10

10 Say among the nations, The Lord reigneth: surely the world shalbe stable, and not moue, and he shall iudge the people in righteousnesse.

Psalms 97:1

1 The Lord reigneth: let the earth reioyce: let the multitude of the yles be glad.

Psalms 98:4

4 All the earth, sing ye loude vnto the Lord: crie out and reioyce, and sing prayses.

Psalms 99:1

1 The Lord reigneth, let the people tremble: he sitteth betweene the Cherubims, let the earth be moued.

Psalms 145:1

1 A Psalme of David of Praise. O my God and King, I will extold thee, and will blesse thy Name for euer and euer.

Psalms 148:1-4

1 Praise ye the Lord. Praise ye the Lord from the heauen: prayse ye him in the high places. 2 Prayse ye him, all ye his Angels: praise him, all his armie. 3 Prayse ye him, sunne and moone: prayse ye him all bright starres. 4 Prayse ye him, heauens of heauens, and waters, that be aboue the heauens.

Isaiah 33:22

22 For the Lord is our Iudge, the Lord is our lawe giuer: the Lord is our King, he will saue vs.

Isaiah 44:23

23 Reioyce, ye heauens: for the Lord hath done it: shoute, ye lower partes of the earth: brast foorth into prayses, ye mountaines, O forest and euery tree therein: for the Lord hath redeemed Iaakob and will be glorified in Israel.

Isaiah 49:13

13 Reioyce, O heauens: and bee ioyfull, O earth: brast foorth into praise, O mountaines: for God hath comforted his people, and will haue mercie vpon his afflicted.

Matthew 6:13

13 And leade vs not into tentation, but deliuer vs from euill: for thine is the kingdome, and the power, and the glorie for euer. Amen.

Luke 2:10

10 Then the Angel saide vnto them, Be not afraid: for behold, I bring you glad tidings of great ioy, that shalbe to all the people,

Luke 2:13-14

13 And straightway there was with the Angel a multitude of heauenly souldiers, praising God, and saying, 14 Glory be to God in the high heauens, and peace in earth, and towards men good will.

Luke 15:10

10 Likewise I say vnto you, there is ioy in the presence of the Angels of God, for one sinner that conuerteth.

Revelation 19:6

6 And I heard like a voyce of a great multitude, and as the voyce of many waters, and as the voyce of strong thundrings, saying, Hallelu-iah: for the Lord that God that almightie God hath reigned.

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