Psalms 119:51 Cross References - ECB

51 The arrogant scorn me mightily; yet I spread not from your torah:

Job 23:11

11 My foot holds to his steps; I guard his way; and neither pervert

Psalms 44:18

18 nor apostatized our heart nor stretched our steps from your way:

Psalms 119:21

21 You rebuke the cursed arrogant who err inadvertently from your misvoth;

Psalms 119:31

31 I adhere to your witnesses; O Yah Veh, shame me not:

Psalms 119:69

69 the arrogant patch falsehood against me; I guard your precepts with my whole heart:

Psalms 119:157

157 many are my pursuers and my tribulators; yet I spread not from your witnesses:

Psalms 123:3-4

3 Grant us charism, O Yah Veh, grant us charism; for we abundantly satiate with disrespectsake 4 our soul abundantly satiates with the derision of them who relax - with the disrespect of the pompous.

Isaiah 38:3

3 and says, Remember, I beseech; O Yah Veh, I beseech you, how I walked at your face in truth and with a heart of shalom, and worked what is good in your eyes. - and Yechizqi Yah weeps with great weeping.

Isaiah 42:4

4 he neither dims nor crushes until he sets judgment in the earth: and the islands await his torah.

Jeremiah 20:7

O Yah Veh, you delude me and I am deluded: you are stronger than I and you prevail: I am ridiculed daily; every one derides me:

Luke 16:14-15

14 And the Pharisees who befriend silver also hear all these: and they sneer at him. 15 And he says to them, You justify yourselves in the sight of humanity; but Elohim knows your hearts: for what is high among humanity is abomination in the sight of Elohim.

Luke 23:35

35 and the people stand observing. and also the archs with them sneer, wording, He saved others; let him save himself, if he be the Messiah, the select of Elohim.

Acts 20:23-24

23 except that the Holy Spirit witnesses in every city, wording that bonds and tribulations abide me. 24 But none of these words move me nor regard I my soul precious to myself - so as to complete/shalam my race with cheer, and the ministry I took of Adonay Yah Shua, to witness the evangelism of the charism of Elohim.

Hebrews 12:1-3

So seeing we also are surrounded with so vast a cloud of witnesses, put away every weight and the well-standing sin: and through endurance, run the contest set in front of us: 2 considering to Yah Shua the hierarch and completer/shalamer of the trust - who for the cheer set in front of him: endured the stake, disesteeming the shame, and is seated at the right of the throne of Elohim. 3
For consider him who endured such controversy by sinners to himself; lest you weary and weaken in your souls.

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