Psalms 118:7 Cross References - ECB

7 Yah Veh takes my part among my helpers; I - I see them who hate me.

1 Chronicles 12:18

18 And the spirit enrobes Amasay the head of the tertiaries, To you, O David and with you, son of Yishay, shalom; shalom to you; and shalom to your helpers; for your Elohim helps you. - and David takes them and gives them as heads of the troop.

Psalms 54:4

4 Behold, Elohim my helper; Adonay is with them who uphold my soul.

Psalms 54:7

7 For he rescues me from all tribulation; and my eye sees my enemies.

Psalms 55:18

18 He redeems my soul in shalom from the battle against me; for many are with me:

Psalms 59:10

10 The Elohim of my mercy anticipates me; Elohim shows my opponents.

Psalms 92:11

11 My eye also sees my observers and my ears hear the vilifiers who rise against me.

Psalms 112:8

8 his heart sustains; he awes not - until he sees his tribulators:

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