Psalms 117 Cross References - ECB

1 O halal Yah Veh, all you goyim; laud him, all you nations: 2 for his mercy prevails mightily toward us; and the truth of Yah Veh is eternal. Halalu Yah!

Psalms 66:1

1 To His Eminence: A Song: A Psalm. Shout to Elohim, all you earth;

Psalms 66:4

4 all the earth prostrates to you and psalms to you; they psalm your name. Selah.

Psalms 67:3

3 The people spread hands to you, O Elohim; all the people spread hands to you:

Psalms 85:10

10 Mercy and truth meet together; justness and shalom kiss;

Psalms 86:9

9 All the goyim you worked come and prostrate at your face, O Adonay, and honor your name:

Psalms 89:1

1 On Comprehension: By Ethan the Zerachiy. I sing of the mercies of Yah Veh eternally; with my mouth I make known your trustworthiness generation to generation.

Psalms 100:4-5

4 Enter his portals with spread hands and into his courts with halal: spread hands to him; bless his name. 5 For Yah Veh is good; his mercy eternal: and his trustworthiness generation to generation.

Psalms 103:11

11 For as the heavens loft above the earth, thus his mercy prevails mightily toward them who awe him:

Psalms 148:11-14

11 sovereigns of the earth and all nations; governors and all judges of the earth; 12 both youths and maidens; aged and lads! 13 Halal the name of Yah Veh; for his name alone is lofted; his majesty is above the earth and the heavens: 14 he exalts the horn of his people - the halal of all his mercied; of the sons of Yisra El - a people near him. Halalu Yah!

Psalms 150:6

6 All you who breathe, halal Yah. Halalu Yah!

Isaiah 24:15-16

15 So honor Yah Veh in the flames, the name of Yah Veh Elohim of Yisra El in the islands of the sea. 16 From the uttermost wing of the earth we hear songs - the splendor of the just: and I say, My emaciation! My emaciation! Woe to me! the coverters covert; yes, the coverters covert:

Isaiah 25:1

O Yah Veh, you my Elohim; I exalt you: I spread hands to your name: for you worked marvels; your counsels of the distant past are trustworthiness and amen.

Isaiah 42:10-12

Sing to Yah Veh a new song and his halal from the end of the earth; you who descend to the sea, and its fulness; the islands, and the settlers. 11 The wilderness and the cities lift, Qedar settles the courts: the settlers of the rock shout; they shout from the top of the mountains: 12 they set honor to Yah Veh and tell his halal in the islands:

Micah 7:20

20 You give truth to Yaaqov; mercy to Abraham - which you oathed to our fathers from the days of antiquity.

Luke 1:54-55

54 he supports his lad Yisra El to remember mercy; 55 exactly as he spoke to our fathers, to Abraham, and to his sperma to the eons.

John 14:6

6 Yah Shua words to him, I AM the way, the truth, and the life: no one comes to the Father, except by me.

Romans 15:8-9

8 And I word that Yah Shua Messiah became a minister of the circumcision for the truth of Elohim, to establish the pre-evangelisms to the fathers: 9 and that the goyim glorify Elohim for his mercy; exactly as scribed, For this cause I avow to you among the goyim and psalm to your name. Psalm 18:49

Romans 15:11

11 And again, Halalu Yah, all you goyim; and halal him, all you people.

1 John 5:6

6 This is he who came through water and blood - Yah Shua Messiah; not in water only, but in water and blood: and the Spirit witnesses, because the Spirit is truth.

Revelation 5:9

9 and they sing a new ode, wording, You are worthy to take the scroll and to open the seals thereof: because you were slaughtered and marketed us to Elohim by your blood from every scion and tongue and people and goyim;

Revelation 7:9-10

After these I perceive, and behold, a vast multitude, which no one could number, of all goyim and scions and peoples and tongues, standing in sight of the throne and in sight of the Lamb arrayed with white stoles and phoinix in their hands; 10 and crying with a mega voice, wording, Salvation to our Elohim sitting upon the throne and to the Lamb.

Revelation 15:4

4 Who never no way awes you, O Yah Veh, and glorifies your name? Because you only are merciful; because all goyim come and worship in your sight; because your judgments are manifested.

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