2 Kings 8:26 Cross References - ECB

26 Achaz Yah is a son of twenty-two years and he begins to reign; and he reigns one year in Yeru Shalem: and the name of his mother, Athal Yah the daughter of Omri sovereign of Yisra El.

2 Kings 9:21-27

21 And Yah Ram says, Bind! - and they bind his chariot. And Yah Ram sovereign of Yisra El and Achaz Yah sovereign of Yah Hudah go - each man in his chariot and they go to meet Yah Hu; and they find him in the allotment of Naboth the Yizre Eliy. 22 And so be it, Yah Ram sees Yah Hu, and he says, Shalom, Yah Hu? And he says, What shalom when the whoredoms of your mother Iy Zebel and her sorceries are many? 23 And Yah Ram turns his hands and flees and says to Achaz Yah, Fraud, O Achaz Yah! 24 And Yah Hu fills his hand with a bow and smites Yah Ram between his arms and the arrow comes out his heart; and he bows down in his chariot: 25 and says to Bidqar his tertiary, Lift! Cast him in the allotment of the field of Naboth the Yizre Eliy: for remember, when I and you rode paired after Ach Ab his father, Yah Veh laid this burden on him; 26 yesternight I see the blood of Naboth and the blood of his sons - an oracle of Yah Veh; and I shalam you in this allotment - an oracle of Yah Veh. And now, Lift! Cast him into the allotment according to the word of Yah Veh. 27 And Achaz Yah the sovereign of Yah Hudah sees and flees by the way of the garden house: and Yah Hu pursues him and says, Smite him - him also in the chariot at the ascent to Gur by Yible Am. And he flees to Megiddo and dies there:

2 Kings 11:1

And Athal Yah is the mother of Achaz Yah; and she sees that her son dies; and she rises and destroys all the seed of the sovereigndom.

2 Kings 11:13-16

13 And Athal Yah hears the noise of the runners and of the people; and she comes to the people in the house of Yah Veh: 14 and she sees, and behold, the sovereign standing by a pillar according to the judgment; and the governors and the trumpeters by the sovereign; and all the people of the land cheering and blasting with trumpets: and Athal Yah rips her clothes and calls out, Conspiracy! Conspiracy! 15 And Yah Yada the priest misvahs the governors of the hundreds - the overseers of the valiant and says to them, Bring out her house by ranks: and deathify him who goes after with the sword: for the priest says, Deathify her not in the house of Yah Veh. 16 And they set hands on her and she goes the way of the entrance of the horses into the house of the sovereign: and there she is deathified.

2 Chronicles 22:2

2 Achaz Yah is a son of forty-two years when he begins to reign; and he reigns one year in Yeru Shalem. And the name of his mother, Athal Yah the daughter of Omri.

2 Chronicles 22:5-8

5 he also walks after their counsel and goes with Yah Ram the son of Ach Ab sovereign of Yisra El to war against Haza El sovereign of Aram at Ramoth Gilad: and the Aramiy smite Yah Ram; 6 and he returns to heal in Yizre El because of the strokes they smote him at Ramah when he fought Haza El sovereign of Aram. And Azar Yah the son of Yah Ram sovereign of Yah Hudah descends to see Yah Ram the son of Ach Ab at Yizre El because he is sick: 7 and the trampling of Achaz Yah is of Elohim for coming to Yah Ram: for when he comes, he goes with Yah Ram against Yah Hu the son of Nimshi - whom Yah Veh anointed to cut off the house of Ach Ab. 8 And so be it, Yah Hu judges the house of Ach Ab: and he finds the governors of Yah Hudah and the sons of the brothers of Achaz Yah who minister to Achaz Yah; and slaughters them:

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