1 Samuel 25:30 Cross References - ECB

30 And so be it, when Yah Veh works to my adoni according to all the good he worded concerning you and misvahs you eminent over Yisra El;

1 Samuel 13:14

14 and now, your sovereigndom rises not: Yah Veh sought a man after his own heart and Yah Veh misvahs him eminence over his people, because you guarded not what Yah Veh misvahed you.

1 Samuel 15:28

28 And Shemu El says to him, Yah Veh rips the sovereigndom of Yisra El from you this day; and gives it to your friend - better than you:

1 Samuel 23:17

17 And he says to him, Awe not: for the hand of Shaul my father finds you not; and you reign over Yisra El and I become second to you; as Shaul my father also knows.

Psalms 89:20

20 I found David my servant; with my holy ointment I anoint him;

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