Matthew 20:3 Cross References - Diaglott

3 And going out about third hour, he saw others standing in the market-place idle;

Matthew 11:16-17

16 To what but shall I compare the generation this? Like it is boys in markets sitting, and calling to the companions of them, 17 and saying: We have played on the flute to you, and not you have danced; We have mourned to you, and not you have lamented.

Matthew 20:6-7

6 About and the eleventh hour going out, he found others standing, and he says to them: Why here stood you all the day idle? 7 They say to him: Because no one us hired. He says to them: Go also you into the vineyard; and whatever maybe just, you shall receive.

Mark 15:25

25 It was and hour third, and they crucified him.

Acts 2:15

15 Not for, as you suppose, these are drunk; it is for hour third of the day;

Acts 17:17-21

17 He reasoned indeed then in the synagogue with the Jews and with those being pious, and in the market during every day with those happening to meet. 18 Some but of the Epicureans and of the Stoics philosophers encountered him; and some said: What may intend the seed-picker this to say? They said: Of strange demons he seems a proclaimer to be; because the Jesus and the resurrection to them he announced glad tidings. 19 Having taken hold and of him to the Mars hill they led, saying: Are we able to know, what the new this that by thee being spoken teaching? 20 Strange things for certain thou bringest to the ears of us. We desire therefore to know, what may intend these things to be. 21 Athenians and all and the sojourning strangers, in nothing else spend leisure, than to tell something and to hear newer.

1 Timothy 5:13

13 at the same time and also idle ones they learn to go about the houses; not only but idle ones, but also praters and busy bodies, speaking the things not proper.

Hebrews 6:12

12 so that not sluggish ones you may become, imitators but of those through faith and long endurance are inheriting the promises.

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