John 12:2 Cross References - Diaglott

2 They made therefore him a supper there, and the Martha served; the but Lazarus one was of those reclining with him.

Matthew 26:6

6 The and Jesus having arrived in Bethany, in a house of Simon the leper,

Mark 14:3

3 And being of him in Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, reclining of him, came a woman having an alabaster box of balsam, of spikenard genuine very costly; and breaking the alabaster box, she poured of it down on the head.

Luke 5:29

29 And made a feast great Levi to him in the house of himself; and was a crowd of publicans great, and of others, who were with them reclining.

Luke 10:38-42

38 It happened and in the to go them, and he entered into a village certain a woman and certain to a name Martha, received him, into the house of herself. 39 And to her was a sister having been called Mary, who and having sat at the feet of the Jesus, heard the word of him. 40 The but Martha was-over-busied about much serving; having come near and said: O lord, not concerns thee, that the sister of me alone me has left to serve? say then to her, that to me she may give aid. 41 Answering and said to her the Jesus: Martha, Martha, thou art anxious and troubled about many things; 42 of one but is need. Mary and the good part has chosen, which not shall be taken away from her.

Luke 12:37

37 Blessed the salves those, whom having come the lord shall find watching; indeed i say to you, that he will grid himself, and will make to recline them, and going forth he will minister to them.

Luke 14:12

12 He said and also to the (one) having invited him: When thou mayest make a dinner or a supper, not call the friends of thee, nor the brethren of thee, nor the relations of thee, nor neighbors rich; lest also they thee should invite again, and be made to thee a recompense.

Luke 22:27

27 Which for greater? he reclining, or he serving? not he reclining? I but am in the midst of you as he serving.

John 11:43-44

43 And these things saying, with a voice loud he cried out: O Lazarus, come out. 44 Came out he having been dead, having been bound the feet and the hands with bandages, and the face of him with a napkin bound about. Says to them the Jesus: Loose you him, and allow to go.

John 12:9-10

9 Knew therefore a crowd great of the Jews, that there he is; and they came not on account of the Jesus alone; but that also the Lazarus they might see, whom he raised out of dead ones. 10 Took counsel but the high-priests, that also the Lazarus they might kill;

Revelation 3:20

20 Lo, I have stood at the door, and knock; if any one may have heard the voice of me, and may have opened the door, I will go in to him, and sup with him, and he with me.

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