Ruth 2:20 Cross References - Coverdale

20 Naemi sayde vnto hir doughter in lawe: The blessynge of the LORDE haue he, for he hath not lefte of to be mercifull vnto the lyuynge and to the deed. And Naemi sayde vnto her: The same man belongeth vnto vs, and is oure nye kynsman.

Leviticus 25:25

25 Whan thy brother waxeth poore, and selleth ye his possession, and his nexte kynsma commeth to him, yt he maye redeme it: then shall he redeme that his brother solde.

Deuteronomy 25:5-7

5 Whan brethren dwell together, and one of them dye with out children, then shall not ye wife of the deed take a straunge man without, but hir kynsman shal go in vnto her, and take her to wyfe: 6 and the first sonne that she beareth, shal he set vp after the name of his brother which is deed, that his name be not put out of Israel. 7 But yf the man wyl not take his kynswoman, then shal his kinswoman go vp vnder the gate to the Elders, and saye: My kynsman refuseth to stere vp a name vnto his brother in Israel, and wyl not marye me.

Ruth 3:9-10

9 And he sayde: Who art thou? She answered: I am Ruth thy handmayden, sprede yi wynges ouer thy hadmayden: for thou art the nexte kynsman. 10 He sayde: The LORDES blessinge haue thou my doughter. Thou hast done a better mercy here after then before, yt thou art not gone after yonge men, nether riche ner poore.

Ruth 4:6

6 The sayde he: I can not redeme it, lest I happlye destroye myne awne enheritaunce. Redeme thou yt I shulde redeme, for I can not redeme it.

Ruth 4:14

14 The sayde the wemen vnto Naemi: Praysed be the LORDE, which hath not suffred a kynsman to ceasse from the at this tyme, that his name maye contynue in Israel:

2 Samuel 2:5

5 he sent messaungers vnto them, sayenge: Blessed be ye of the LORDE, that ye haue done soch mercy vpon youre lorde Saul, and haue buried him.

2 Samuel 9:1

1 And Dauid sayde: Remayneth there yet eny man of Sauls house, that I maye do mercy vpon him for Ionathas sake?

Job 19:25

25 For I am sure, that my redemer lyueth, and that I shall ryse out of the earth in the latter daye:

Job 29:12-13

12 For I delyuered ye poore whe he cried, & the fatherlesse yt wanted helpe. 13 He yt shulde haue bene lost, gaue me a good worde, & ye widdowes hert praised me.

Proverbs 17:17

17 He is a frende that allwaye loueth, and in aduersite a man shal knowe who is his brother.

Philippians 4:10

10 I reioyse greatly in ye LORDE, that now at the last ye are reuyued agayne to care for me, as ye cared for me afore, but ye lacked oportunyte.

2 Timothy 1:16-18

16 The LORDE geue mercy vnto the house of Onesiphorus: for he oft refresshed me, and was not asshamed of my cheyne: 17 but whan he was at Rome he soughte me out very diligently, and founde me. 18 The LORDE graunte vnto him, that he maye fynde mercy with the LORDE in that daye. And how moch he mynistred vnto me at Ephesus, thou knowest very well.

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