Psalms 80:19 Cross References - Coverdale

19 Turne vs agayne o LORDE God of hoostes, shewe the light of thy coutenauce, & we shal be whole.

Psalms 27:4

4 One thinge haue I desyred of the LORDE, which I wil requyre: namely, that I maye dwell in the house of the LORDE all the dayes of my life, to beholde the fayre beutie of the LORDE, and to vyset his temple.

Psalms 27:9

9 My hert speaketh vnto the, my face seketh the, yee LORDE, thy face wil I seke. O hyde not thou thy face fro me, cast not thy seruaunt of in displeasure.

Psalms 31:16

16 But my hope is in ye O LORDE, & I saye: thou art my God.

Psalms 44:3

3 For they gat not the londe in possession thorow their owne swerde, nether was it their owne arme that helped them.

Psalms 80:1

1 Heare o thou shepherde of Israel, thou yt ledest Iacob like a flocke of shepe: shewe yi self, thou yt syttest vpo ye Cherubins.

Psalms 80:3

3 Turne vs agayne (o God) shewe the light of thy countenauce & we shalbe whole.

Psalms 80:7

7 Turne vs agayne (thou God of hoostes) shewe the light of thy coutenauce, & we shalbe whole.

Jeremiah 3:22-23

22 O ye shrenkinge children, turne agayne, (saynge: lo, we are thine, for thou art the LORDE oure God:) And so shal I heale youre bacturnynges. 23 The hilles fall, and all the hie pryde of the mountaynes, but the health of Israel stondeth only vpon God oure LORDE.

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