Psalms 69:16 Cross References - Coverdale

16 Lest ye water floude drowne me, that the depe swalowe me not vp, & yt the pitte shut not hir mouth vpon me.

Psalms 25:16

16 Turne the vnto me and haue mercy vpon me, for I am desolate and in misery.

Psalms 26:11

11 But as for me I will walke innocently: O delyuer me, and be mercifull vnto me.

Psalms 36:7

7 Thou LORDE preseruest both me & beestes. How precious is thy mercy (O God) that the children of men maye put their trust vnder ye shadowe of thy wynges?

Psalms 51:1

1 Haue mercy vpon me (o God) after thy goodnes, & acordinge vnto thy greate mercies, do awaye myne offences.

Psalms 63:3

3 Thus do I loke for the in thy Sactuary, that I might beholde yi power & glory.

Psalms 69:13

13 But LORDE, I made my prayer vnto the in an acceptable tyme:

Psalms 86:15-16

15 But thou (o LORDE God) art full of compassion and mercy, longesuffrynge, greate in goodnesse & trueth. 16 O turne the then vnto me, haue mercy vpo me: geue thy strength vnto thy seruaunt, & helpe the sonne of thy handmayde.

Psalms 106:45

45 He thought vpo his couenaunt, and pitied the, acordinge vnto the multitude of his mercies.

Psalms 109:21

21 O delyuer me, for I am helplesse & poore, & my herte is wounded within me,

Isaiah 63:7

7 I will declare the goodnesse of the LORDE, yee and the prayse of the LORDE for all that he hath gyuen vs, for the greate good yt he hath done for Israel: which he hath gyuen them of his owne fauoure, & acordinge to the multitude of his louynge kindnesses.

Micah 7:19

19 he shal turne agayne, & be mercyfull to vs: he shal put downe oure wickednesses, & cast all oure synnes in to the botome of the see.

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