Psalms 32:4 Cross References - Coverdale

4 And because thy hande was so heuy vpon me both daye and night, my moysture was like the drouth in Sommer. Sela.

1 Samuel 5:6-7

6 But the hande of the LORDE was heuy vpon them of Asdod, and destroyed them, and smote Asdod and all the borders therof in secrete places. 7 Whan the men of Asdod sawe that they were so plaged, they sayde: Let not the Arke of the God of Israel tary with vs, for his hande is to harde vpo vs & vpon or god Dagon.

1 Samuel 5:9

9 And they caried the Arke of the God of Israel rounde aboute. But wha they bare it aboute, there was a very greate rumoure in the cite thorow the hande of the LORDE, and smote the people of the cite, from the smallest vnto the greatest, and destroyed them in the secrete places.

1 Samuel 5:11

11 Then sente they forth, and gathered all ye prynces of the Philistynes together, and sayde: Sende awaye the Arke of the God of Israel agayne vnto hir place, that it slaye not me & my people: for there is a very greate rumoure with the deed in all the cite, and the hande of God is there.

1 Samuel 6:9

9 And loke well: yf it go the waie of hir awne coaste BethSemes, the hath he done vs all this greate euell: Yf no, then shal ye knowe that his hande hath not touched vs, but yt it is happened vnto vs by chauce.

Job 16:21

21 Though a body might pleate wt God, as one man doth with another,

Job 30:30

30 My skynne vpo me is turned to black, & my bones are bret wt heate:

Job 33:7

7 Therfore, thou nedest not be afrayed of me, nether nedest thou to feare, that my auctorite shal be to heuy for the.

Psalms 22:15

15 My strength is dried vp like a potsherde, my tunge cleueth to my goomes, and thou hast brought me in to the dust of death.

Psalms 38:2-8

2 For thy arowes stick fast in me, and thy honde presseth me sore. 3 There is no whole parte in my body, because of thy displeasure: there is no rest in my bones, by reason of my synnes. 4 For my wickednesses are gone ouer my heade, and are like a sore burthen, to heuy forme to beare. 5 My woundes styncke & are corrupte, thorow my folishnesse. 6 I am brought into so greate trouble and misery, that I go mournynge all the daye longe. 7 For my loynes are clene dried vp, and there is no whole parte in my body. 8 I am feble and sore smytte, I roare for the very disquietnes of my hert.

Psalms 39:10-11

10 I kepe sylece, and open not my mouth, for thou hast done it. Turne thy plages awaye fro me, for I am cosumed thorow the feare of thy hade. 11 When thou punyshest man for synne, thou chastenest him: so that his beutie consumeth awaye, like as it were a mothe. O how vayne are all men?

Psalms 90:6-7

6 In the mornynge it is grene and groweth vp, but in the euenynge it is cutt downe and wythered. 7 For we consume awaye in thy displeasure, and are afrayed at thy wrothfull indignacion.

Psalms 102:3-4

3 For my dayes are consumed awaye like smoke, & my bones are brent vp as it were a fyre brande. 4 My hert is smytte downe and wythered like grasse, so that I forget to eate my bred.

Lamentations 4:8

8 But now their faces are very black: In so moch, that thou shuldest not knowe them in the stretes. Their skynne cleueth to their bones, It is wythered, and become like a drye stock.

Lamentations 5:10

10 Oure skynne is as it had bene brent in an ouen, for very sore honger.

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