Psalms 30:6 Cross References - Coverdale

6 As for me, whe I was in prosperite, I sayde: Tush, I shal neuer fall more. (And why? thou LORDE of thy goodnesse haddest made my hill so stronge.)

Job 29:18-20

18 Therfore, I thought verely, yt I shulde haue dyed in my nest: & yt my dayes shulde haue bene as many as the sondes of the see. 19 For my rote was spred out by the waters syde, & the dew laye vpo my corne. 20 My honor encreased more & more, and my bowe was euer the stronger in my hande.

Psalms 10:6

6 For he sayeth in his herte: Tush, I shal neuer be cast downe, there shal no harme happe vnto me. His mouth is full of cursynge, fraude and disceate: vnder his toge is trauayle & sorow.

Psalms 15:5

5 He that geueth not his money vpon vsury, and taketh no rewarde agaynst the innocet. Who so doth these thiges, shal neuer be remoued.

Psalms 16:8

8 I wil thanke the LORDE for geuynge me warnynge: my reynes also haue chastened me in the night season.

Psalms 119:117

117 Holde thou me vp, & I shall be safe: yee I shal euer be talkynge of thy statutes.

Isaiah 47:7

7 & thou thoughtest thus: I shalbe lady for euer. And besyde all that, thou hast not regarded these thinges, nether cast, what shulde come after.

Isaiah 56:12

12 Come (saye they) I wil fetch wyne, so shal we fyll oure selues, that we maye be dronken. And do tomorow, like as to daye, yee and moch more.

Daniel 4:30

30 and sayde: This is the greate cite off Babilo, which I myself (with my power & strength) haue made a kynges courte, for the honoure off my magesty.

Luke 12:19

19 & wil saye vnto my soule: Soule, thou hast moch goodes layed vp in stoare for many yeares, take now thine ease, eate, drinke, and be mery.

2 Corinthians 12:7

7 And lest I shulde exalte my selfe out of measure because of the hye reuelacions, there is a warnynge geuen vnto my flesh, euen ye messaunger of Satan, to buffet me, that I shulde not exalte my selfe out off measure:

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