Psalms 22:11 Cross References - Coverdale

11 O go not fro me the, for trouble is harde at honde, and here is none to helpe me.

Deuteronomy 32:36

36 For the LORDE shall iudge his people, and shal haue compassion on his seruauntes. For he shal considre that their power is awaie, and that it is gone with them, which were shut vp and remayned ouer.

2 Kings 14:26

26 For the LORDE considered the myserable affliccion of Israel, how that euen they which were shut vp and desolate, were awaye, and that there was no helper in Israel.

Psalms 10:1

1 Why art thou gone so farre of, o LORDE? wilt thou hyde thyselff in tyme of trouble?

Psalms 13:1-3

1 How longe wilt thou forget me, o LORDE? for euer? how longe wilt thou hyde thy face fro me? 2 Oh how loge shall I seke councell in my soule? how longe shall I be so vexed in my herte? how longe shal myne enemie triumphe ouer me? 3 Considre, ad heare me, o LORDE my God: lighten myne eyes, that I slepe not in death.

Psalms 35:22

22 This thou seist, o LORDE: holde not thy tonge the: go not farre fro me, o LORDE.

Psalms 38:21

21 Forsake me not (O LORDE my God) O go not farre fro me.

Psalms 69:1-2

1 Helpe me (o God) for the waters are come in eue vnto my soule. 2 I sticke fast in the depe myre, where no grounde is: I am come into depe waters, and the floudes wil drowne me.

Psalms 69:18

18 Hyde not thy face from thy seruaut, for I am in trouble: O haist ye to helpe me.

Psalms 71:12

12 As for me, I wil pacietly abyde allwaye, & wil euer encrease thy prayse.

Psalms 72:12

12 For he shal deliuer the poore whe he crieth, & the nedy yt hath no helpe.

Psalms 142:4-6

4 Therfore do I crie vnto the (o LORDE) and saye: thou art my hope and my porcion, in the londe of the lyuynge. 5 Cosidre my complaynte, for I am brought very lowe. 6 Oh delyuer me fro my persecuters, for they are to stronge for me:

Isaiah 63:5

5 I loked aboute me, and there was no ma to shewe me eny helpe, I fel downe, and no man helde me vp. The I helde me by myne owne arme, & my feruetnesse susteyned me.

Matthew 26:56

56 But all this is done, that the scriptures of the prophetes might be fulfylled.

Matthew 26:72

72 And he denyed agayne, and sware also: I knowe not the ma.

Matthew 26:74

74 Then begane he to curse and to sweare: I knowe not the man. And immediatly the cock crew.

John 16:32

32 Beholde, the houre draweth nye, and is come allready, that ye shalbe scatred, euery man in to his awne, and shal leaue me alone: and yet am I not alone, for the father is with me.

Hebrews 5:7

7 And in ye dayes of his fleshe, he offred vp prayers & supplicacions, wt stroge cryenge & teares vnto him yt was able to saue him fro death: & was herde also, because he had God in honoure.

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