Psalms 135:8 Cross References - Coverdale

8 Which smote the firstborne of Egipte, both of man and beest.

Exodus 12:12

12 For in the same night wil I go thorow the londe of Egipte, & smyte all the firstborne in the lande of Egipte, from men vnto catell, & vpon all the goddes of Egipte wyll I do execucion.

Exodus 12:29-30

29 And at mydnight the LORDE smote all the firstborne in the lande of Egipte: from Pharaos first sonne (which sat vpon his seate) vntyll the first sonne of the presoner that was in the preson, and all the firstborne of the catell. 30 Then Pharao arose ye same night, and all his seruauntes, and all the Egipcians, & there was a greate crye in Egipte: for there was no house wherin there was not one deed.

Exodus 13:15

15 for whan Pharao was loth to let vs go, the LORDE slew all the firstborne in the lande of Egipte, from the firstborne of men vnto ye firstborne of the catell: therfore offer I vnto the LORDE all that breaketh ye Matrice, beynge a male, and ye firstborne of my children I redeme.

Psalms 78:51

51 When he made a waye to his fearfull indignacio, and spared not their soules from death, yee and gaue their catell ouer to the pestilence.

Psalms 105:36

36 He smote all ye first borne in their lode, euen the chefe of all their substaunce.

Psalms 136:10

10 Which smote Egipte with their firstborne, for his mercy endureth for euer.

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