Psalms 135:7 Cross References - Coverdale

7 He bryngeth forth the cloudes from the endes of the worlde, he turneth ye lighteniges vnto rayne, bringige the wyndes out of their treasuries.

Genesis 2:5-6

5 before there was eny twygg vpon earth, and or euer there grew eny grene herbe vpon the felde. For the LORDE God had yet sent no rayne vpon ye earth, nether was there eny man to tylle the earth. 6 But there arose a myst from the earth, & watered all the londe.

1 Kings 18:1

1 And after a longe season came ye worde of the LORDE vnto Elias in the thirde yeare, & sayde: Go thy waye, & shewe yi selfe vnto Achab, yt I maye cause it for to rayne vpon earth.

1 Kings 18:41-45

41 And Elias sayde vnto Achab: Go vp, eate & drynke, for it soundeth as though it wolde rayne sore. 42 And whan Achab wete vp to eate & drinke. Elias asceded vp to the toppe of Carmel, & bowed him selfe downe to the earth, & put his heade betwene his knees, 43 & sayde vnto his lad: Go vp, and loke towarde the See. He wente vp & loked, & sayde: There is nothinge. He sayde: Go agayne seuen tymes. 44 And at the seueth tyme he sayde: Beholde, there goeth vp a litle cloude out of the see, like a mans hande. He sayde: Go vp, and saie vnto Achab: Bynde yi charet, & go downe, yt the rayne ouertake the not. 45 And or a ma coulde turne him, the heauen was blacke wt cloudes & wynde, & there came a greate rayne. But Achab rode his waie, & departed vnto Iesrael.

Job 5:10

10 Which geueth rayne vpo the earth, and poureth water vpon all thinges:

Job 28:25-26

25 When he weyed the wyndes, & measured ye waters: 26 when he set the rayne in ordre, and gaue the mightie floudes a lawe:

Job 38:22-28

22 Wentest thou euer in to the treasuries off the snowe, or hast thou sene ye secrete places of the hale: 23 which I haue prepared agaynst the tyme of trouble, agaynst the tyme of batell & warre? 24 By what waye is the light parted, & the heate dealt out vpon earth? 25 Who deuydeth the abundauce of waters in to ryuers, or who maketh a waye for the stormy wether, 26 yt it watereth & moystureth ye drye & baren grounde: 27 to make the grasse growe in places where no body dwelleth, & in the wildernes where no ma remayneth? 28 Who is the father of rayne? Or, who hath begotten the droppes of dew?

Psalms 107:25

25 For at his worde, the stormy wynde aryseth, and lifteth vp the wawes therof.

Psalms 148:8

8 Fyre and hayle, snowe & vapors wynde and storme, fulfillynge his worde.

Jeremiah 10:13

13 At his voyce the waters gather together in the ayre, he draweth vp ye cloudes from the vttemost partes of ye earth: he turneth lighteninge to rayne, and brigeth forth the wyndes out of their treasuries:

Jeremiah 14:22

22 Are there eny amonge the goddes of the Gentiles, that sende rayne, or geue the showers of heauen? Dost not thou it o LORDE oure God, in who we trust? Yee LORDE, thou dost all these thinges.

Jeremiah 51:16

16 As soone as he letteth his voyce be herde, the waters in the ayre waxe fearce: He draweth vp the cloudes from the endes of the earth. He turneth ye lightenynges to rayne, he bringeth the wyndes out of their secrete places

Jonah 1:4

4 But the LORDE hurled a greate wynde in to the see, and there was a mightie tempest in the see: so that the shippe was in ioperdy of goinge in peces.

Zechariah 10:1

1 Praye the LORDE then by tymes to geue you the latter rayne, so shall the LORDE make cloudes, and geue you rayne ynough for all the increase off the felde:

John 3:8

8 The wynde bloweth where he wyl, and thou hearest his sounde: but thou canst not tell whece he commeth, and whither he goeth. So is euery one, that is borne of the sprete.

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