Psalms 119:141 Cross References - Coverdale

141 I am small and of no reputacio, yet do not I forget thy comaudementes.

Psalms 22:6

6 But as for me, I am a worme and no man: a very scorne of me and the outcast of the people.

Psalms 40:17

17 Thou art my helper & redemer, make no longe tariege, o my God.

Psalms 119:109

109 My soule is allwaye in my hode, yet do not I forget thy lawe.

Psalms 119:176

176 I go astraye, like a shepe that is lost: Oh seke thy seruaunt, for I do not forget thy commaundementes.

Proverbs 3:1

1 My sonne, forget not my lawe, but se yt thine hert kepe my comaundemetes.

Proverbs 15:16

16 Better is a litle with the feare of the LORDE then greate treasure, for they are not without sorowe.

Proverbs 16:8

8 Better is it to haue a litle thinge wt rightuousnes, the greate rentes wrongeously gotten.

Proverbs 19:1

1 Better is the poore that lyueth godly, the the blasphemer that is but a foole.

Isaiah 53:3

3 He shalbe the most symple & despised of all, which yet hath good experience of sorowes & infirmities. We shal reken him so symple & so vyle, that we shal hyde oure faces fro him.

Luke 6:20

20 And he lift vp his eyes vpo his disciples, and sayde: Blessed are ye poore, for yours is the kyngdome of God.

Luke 9:58

58 And Iesus sayde vnto him: The foxes haue holes, and the byrdes vnder the heaue haue nestes: but the sonne of man hath not wheron to laye his heade.

2 Corinthians 8:9

9 For ye knowe the liberalite of oure LORDE Iesus Christ, which though he be riche, yet for youre sakes he became poore, yt ye thorow his pouerte mighte be made riche.

James 2:5

5 Harken my deare beloued brethre. Hath not God chosen the poore of this worlde, which are ryche in faith, and heyres of the kyngdom which he promysed to the that loue him?

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