Psalms 118:16 Cross References - Coverdale

16 The right hande of the LORDE hath the preemynence, the right hade of the LORDE hath gotte the victory.

Exodus 15:6

6 Thy right hande (O LORDE) is glorious in power: thy right hade (O LORDE) hath smytten the enemies.

Acts 2:32-36

32 This Iesus hath God raysed vp, wherof we all are witnesses. 33 Seynge now that he by the right hande of God is exalted, and hath receaued of ye father ye promyse of the holy goost, he hath shed forth this, that ye se and heare. 34 For Dauid is not ascended in to heauen, but he sayde: The LORDE sayde vnto my LORDE: Syt thou on my righte hande, 35 vntyll I make thine enemies yi fote stole. 36 So therfore let all the house of Israel knowe for a suertye, yt God hath made this same Iesus (whom ye haue crucified) LORDE and Christ.

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