Psalms 118:14 Cross References - Coverdale

14 The LORDE is my stregth, & my songe, & is become my saluacion.

Exodus 15:2-6

2 The LORDE is my strength, and my songe, and is become my saluacion. This is my God, I wil magnifie him: He is my fathers God, I wil exalte him. 3 The LORDE is the right man of warre, LORDE is his name. 4 The charettes of Pharao & his power, hath he cast in to the see. His chosen captaynes are drowned in the reed see, 5 ye depe hath couered them: they fell to the grounde as a stone. 6 Thy right hande (O LORDE) is glorious in power: thy right hade (O LORDE) hath smytten the enemies.

Psalms 18:2

2 I wil prayse ye LORDE & call vpon him, so shal I be safe fro myne enemies.

Psalms 27:1

1 The LORDE is my light and my health: whom then shulde I feare? the LORDE is the strength of my life, for whom the shulde I be afrayed?

Isaiah 12:2

2 Beholde, God is my health, in whom I trust, and am not afrayde. For the LORDE God is my strength, and my prayse, he also shalbe my refuge.

Isaiah 45:17

17 But Israel shalbe saued in the LORDE, which is the euerlastinge saluacio: They shal not come to shame ner confucion, worlde without ende.

Isaiah 45:22-25

22 And therfore turne you vnto me (all ye endes of the earth) so shal ye be saued, for I am God, & there is els none. 23 I sweare by myself: out of my mouth cometh ye worde of rightuousnesse, and that maye no man turne: but all knees shal bowe vnto me, and all tunges shal sweare by me, 24 sayenge: Verely in the LORDE is my rightuousnes and strength. To him shal me come: but all they that thinke scorne of him, shalbe confounded. 25 And the whole sede of Israel shalbe iustified, & praysed in ye LORDE

Matthew 1:21-23

21 She shall brynge forth a sonne, and thou shalt call his name Iesus. For he shall saue his people from their synnes. 22 All this was done, yt the thinge might, be fulfilled, which was spoken of the LORDE by the Prophet, saynge: 23 Beholde, a mayde shall be with chylde, and shall brynge forth a sonne, and they shall call his name Emanuel, which is by interpretacion, God wt vs.

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