Psalms 116:18 Cross References - Coverdale

18 I wil paye my vowes vnto the LORDE in the sight of all his people,

Psalms 22:25

25 I wil prayse the in the greate congregacion, and perfourme my vowes in the sight off all the that feare the.

Psalms 76:11

11 Loke what ye promyse vnto the LORDE youre God, se that kepe it, all ye that be roude aboute him: brynge presentes vnto him yt ought to be feared.

Psalms 116:14

14 I wil paye my vowes in the presence of all his people, right deare in the sight of ye LORDE is the death of his sayntes.

Ecclesiastes 5:5

5 Yf thou promyse eny thinge, paye it: for better it is that thou make no vowe, then that thou shuldest promise, and not paye.

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