Psalms 112:3 Cross References - Coverdale

3 Riches & pleteousnesse shalbe in his house, & his rightuousnes endureth for euer.

Psalms 111:3

3 His worke is worthy to be praysed and had in honoure, and his rightuousnesse endureth for euer.

Psalms 111:10

10 The feare of the LORDE is the begynnynge of wy?dome, a good vnderstondinge haue all they that do therafter: the prayse of it endureth for euer.

Psalms 112:9

9 He hath sparsed abrode, & geue to the poore, his rightuousnes remayneth for euer, his horne shalbe exalted wt honor.

Proverbs 3:16

16 Vpon hir right hande is longe life, & vpon hir left hande is riches & honor.

Proverbs 15:6

6 In the house of the rightuous are greate riches, but in the increase of the vngodly there is mysordre.

Isaiah 32:17

17 And the rewarde of rightuousnesse shalbe peace, and hir frute rest and quietnesse for euer.

Isaiah 33:6

6 Let treuth and faithfulnesse be in hir tyme: power, health, wisdome, knowlege & the feare of God are hir treasure.

Isaiah 51:8

8 for wormes & mothes shal eat the vp like clothe & woll. But my rightuousnesse shal endure for euer, & my sauynge health from generacion to generacion.

Matthew 6:33

33 Seke ye fyrst the kyngdome of heauen and the righteousnes therof, so shal all these thynges be ministred vnto you.

Matthew 24:22-24

22 Yee and excepte those daies shulde be shortened, there shulde no flesh be saued: but for ye chosens sake those dayes shalbe shortened. 23 Then yf eny man shal saye vnto you: lo, here is Christ, or there, beleue it not. 24 For there shal aryse false Christes and false prophetes, and shal do greate tokes and wonders: In so moch, that (yf it were possible) the very chosen shulde be brought in to erroure.

2 Corinthians 6:10

10 as sorowynge, and yet allwaye mery: as poore, & yet make many riche: as hauynge nothinge, & yet possessynge all thinges.

Philippians 4:18-19

18 For I haue all, and haue plentye. I was euen fylled wha I receaued of Epaphroditus, that which came from you, an odoure of swetenes, a sacrifice accepted & pleasaunt vnto God. 19 My God fulfyll all yor nede, acordinge to his riches in glory i Christ Iesu.

1 Timothy 6:6-8

6 Howbeit it is greate avautage, who so is godly, and holdeth him content with that he hath. 7 For we broughte nothinge in to the worlde, therfore is it a playne case yt we can cary nothinge out. 8 Whan we haue fode and rayment, let vs therwith be content.

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