Psalms 110:3 Cross References - Coverdale

3 In the daye of thy power shal thy people offre the frewill offeringes with an holy worshipe, ye dewe of thy byrth is of the wobe of the mornynge.

Judges 5:2

2 Now that ye are come to rest, ye quyete men in Israel, prayse ye LORDE, amonge soch of the people as be fre wyllinge.

1 Chronicles 16:29

29 Ascrybe vnto the LORDE the honoure of his name: brynge presentes, and come before him, and worshipe ye LORDE in ye bewtye of holynes.

Nehemiah 11:2

2 And ye people thanked all the men that were willinge to dwell at Ierusalem.

Psalms 22:27-28

27 All the endes of the worlde shal remembre themselues, & be turned vnto the LORDE: and all the generacions of the Heithen shal worsh pe before him. 28 For the kyngdome is the LORDES, and he shal be the gouernoure of ye Heithen.

Psalms 96:9

9 O worshipe the LORDE in the beutye of holynesse, let the whole earth stonde in awe of him.

Ezekiel 43:12

12 This is the descripcion of the house: Aboue vpo the mount rounde aboute all the corners, it shalbe ye holiest of all. Beholde, that is the descripcion and fashion of the house.

Acts 1:8

8 but ye shal receaue the power of ye holy goost, which shal come vpon you, and ye shalbe my witnesses at Ierusalem, and in all Iewrye and Samaria, and vnto the ende of the earth.

Acts 2:33

33 Seynge now that he by the right hande of God is exalted, and hath receaued of ye father ye promyse of the holy goost, he hath shed forth this, that ye se and heare.

Acts 2:41

41 They that gladly receaued his preachinge, were baptysed, & the same daye there were added vnto them aboute thre thousande soules.

Acts 4:4

4 Howbeit many of the which herde the worde, beleued, and the nombre of ye men was aboute fyue thousande.

Acts 4:30-35

30 and stretch out thine hande, that healinge and tokes and wonders maye be done by the name of thy holy childe Iesus. 31 And wha they had prayed, the place moued where they were gathered together, & they were all fylled with ye holy goost, & spake the worde of God boldly. 32 The multitude of them that beleued, were of one hert and of one soule. Also none of them sayde of his goodes, that they were his awne, but had all thinges comen. 33 And with greate power gaue the Apostles witnesse of the resurreccion of the LORDE Iesu, and greate grace was with them all. 34 Nether was there eny amonge them that lacked. For as many as were possessers of londes or houses, solde the and brought ye money of the goodes that were solde, 35 and layed it at the Apostles fete. And distribucion was made vnto euery ma, acordinge as he had nede.

Acts 19:20

20 So mightely grewe ye worde of the LORDE, and preuayled.

Acts 21:20

20 Whan they herde that, they praysed the LORDE, and sayde vnto him: Brother, thou seyst how many thousande Iewes there are which beleue, and are all Zelous ouer ye lawe.

Romans 11:2-6

2 God hath not thrust out his people, whom he knewe before. Or wote ye not what the scripture sayeth of Elias, how he maketh intercession vnto God agaynst Israel, and sayeth: 3 LORDE, they haue slayne thy prophetes, & dydged downe thine altares, and I am lefte ouer onely, and they seke my life? 4 But what sayeth the answere of God vnto him? I haue reserued vnto me seuen thousande men, which haue not bowed their knee before Baal. 5 Eue so goeth it now at this tyme also wt this remnaunt after ye eleccion of grace. 6 Yf it be done of grace, the is it not of deseruynge: els were grace no grace. But yf it be of deseruynge, then is grace nothinge: els were deseruynge no deseruynge.

2 Corinthians 8:1-3

1 I do you to wit (brethren) the grace of God, which is geue in the congregacions of Macedonia. 2 For their reioysinge was most abundaunt, whan they were tryed by moch trouble: & though they were exceadinge poore, yet haue they geue exceadinge richely, and that in synglenesse. 3 For to their power (I beare recorde) yee and beyonde their power, they were wyllinge of their awne acorde,

2 Corinthians 8:12

12 For yf there be a wyllinge mynde, it is accepted acordinge to that a man hath, not acordinge to that he hath not.

2 Corinthians 8:16

16 Thakes be vnto God, which put in the hert of Titus, the same diligence towarde you.

2 Corinthians 13:4

4 And though he was crucified in weaknes, yet lyueth he in the power of God. And though we are weake in him, yet lyue we with him in the power of God amonge you.

Galatians 1:15-16

15 But whan it pleased God which separated me fro my mothers wombe, and called me by his grace, 16 for to declare his sonne in me, that I shulde preach him thorow the Gospell amonge the Heythen, immediatly I commened not of the matter with flesh and bloude:

Ephesians 1:4

4 acordinge as he had chosen vs by him, or euer the foundacion of the worlde was layed, that we shulde be holy and without blame before him in loue,

Philippians 2:13

13 For it is God which worketh in you both the wyll and the deed, euen of his owne good wyll.

1 Thessalonians 4:7

7 For God hath not called vs to vnclennesse, but vnto holynes.

Titus 2:14

14 which gaue him selfe for vs, to redeme vs fro all vnrighteousnes, and to pourge vs to be a peculiar people vnto himselfe, to be feruently geuen vnto good workes.

Hebrews 13:21

21 make you perfecte in all good workes, to do his wyll, workynge in you that which is pleasaunt in his sighte thorow Iesus Christ, to whom be prayse for euer and euer Amen.

Revelation 7:9

9 After this I behelde, and lo, a gret multitude (which no man coulde nombre) of all nacions and people, and tonges, stode before the seate, and before the lambe, clothed wt longe whyte garmetes, and palmes in their hondes,

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