Psalms 105:34 Cross References - Coverdale

34 He spake ye worde, and their came greshoppers & catirpillers innumerable.

Exodus 10:12-15

12 The saide ye LORDE vnto Moses: Stretch out thine hande ouer ye londe of Egipte, for the greshoppers, yt they maye come vpo ye londe of Egipte, & eate vp all the herbes in the londe, wt all yt escaped the hayle. 13 Moses stretched out his staff ouer ye lande of Egipte, & the LORDE brought an east wynde in to the londe all yt daye & all yt night, & in the mornynge, the east wynde brought the greshoppers. 14 And they came ouer the whole lande of Egipte, and lighted in all places of Egipte, so exceadinge many, that before tyme there were neuer soch, nether shalbe here after: 15 for they couered the londe, and made it darcke. And they ate vp all the herbes in ye londe, & all the frutes vpon the trees which remayned from ye hayle, & left no grene thinge behinde in the trees & herbes vpon the felde in all the lande of Egipte.

Psalms 78:46

46 How he sent lyse amonge them, to eate them vp, and frogges to destroye them.

Joel 1:4-7

4 Loke what the caterpiller hath lefte, yt hath the greshopper eaten vp: what the greshopper lefte, that hath the locuste eaten vp: & what the locuste hath lefte, that hath the blastinge consumed. 5 Wake vp ye dronckardes, & wepe: mourne all ye wyne suppers, because of youre swete wyne, for it shal be taken awaye from youre mouth. 6 Yee a mightie & an innumerable people shall come vp in to my londe: these haue teth like the teth of lyons, & chaftbones like the lyonesses. 7 They shal make my vinyarde waist, they shal pyll of the barckes of my fygetrees, strype them bare, cast them awaye, and make the braunches whyte.

Joel 2:25

25 And as for the yeares that ye gre?shopper, locuste, blasstinge & caterpiller (my greate hoost, which I sent amonge you) haue eaten vp, I shal restore them to you agayne:

Revelation 9:3-10

3 And there came out of the smoke locustes vpon the earth: and vnto the was geuen power as the scorpions of the earth haue power. 4 And it was sayde vnto them, that they shulde not hurt the grasse of the earth: nether eny grene thinge: nether eny tre: but onely those men which haue not the seale in their forhedes, 5 and to them was comaunded, that they shulde not kyll the, but that they shulde be vexed fyue monethes, and their payne was as the payne that cometh of a scorpion, when he hath stonge a man. 6 And in those dayes shal me seke deeth, and shal not fynde it: and shal desyre to dye, and death shal flye from them. 7 And the similitude of the locustes was lyke vnto horses prepared vnto battayll, and on their heades were as it were crownes, lyke vnto golde: and their faces were as it had bene the faces of men. 8 And they had heere as the heere of wemen. And their tethe were as the tethe of lyons. 9 And they had habbergions, as it were habbergions of yron. And the sounde of their wynges, was as ye sounde of charettes whe many horsses runne together to battayle. 10 And they had tayles lyke vnto scorpions, and there were stynges in their tayles. And their power was to hurt me fyue monethes.

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