Proverbs 7:1 Cross References - Coverdale

1 My sonne, kepe my wordes, & laye vp my comaundemetes by the.

Deuteronomy 11:28

28 The curse, yf ye wyl not be obedient to the commaundementes of the LORDE youre God, but turne out of the waye, which I comaunde you this daye, so that ye walke after other goddes, whom ye knowe not.

Job 22:22

22 Receaue the lawe at his mouth, & laye vp his wordes in thine herte.

Proverbs 1:8

8 My sonne, heare thy fathers doctryne, and forsake not the lawe of yi mother:

Proverbs 2:1-7

1 My sonne, yf thou wilt receaue my wordes, and kepe my comaundemetes by the, 2 that thine eare maye herken vnto wysdome, applie thine herte then to vnderstodinge. 3 For yf thou criest after wy?dome, & callest for knowlege: 4 yf thou sekest after her as after money, and dyggest for her as for treasure: 5 The shalt thou vnderstonde ye feare of the LORDE, and fynde ye knowlege of God. 6 For it is the LORDE that geueth wy?dome, out of his mouth commeth knowlege and vnderstondinge. 7 He preserueth ye welfare of the rightuous, and defendeth them yt walke innocently:

Proverbs 3:1

1 My sonne, forget not my lawe, but se yt thine hert kepe my comaundemetes.

Proverbs 10:14

14 Wyse me laye vp knowlege, but ye mouth of ye foolish is nye destruccio.

Luke 8:15

15 But that on the good grounde, are they that heare the worde, and kepe it in a pure good hert, and brynge forth frute in pacience.

Luke 11:28

28 But he sayde: Yee blessed are they that heare the worde of God, and kepe it.

John 14:23

23 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto him: He that loueth me, wyl kepe my worde, and my father wyl loue him: and we wyl come vnto him, and wyll make oure dwellynge with him.

John 15:20

20 Remembre my worde, that I sayde vnto you: The seruaunt is not greater then his lorde. Yf they haue persecuted me, they shal persecute you also: Yf they haue kepte my worde, they shal kepe yours also.

Revelation 1:3

3 Happy is he yt readeth, and they that heare the wordes of the prophesy and kepe thoo thinges which are wrytten therin. For the tyme is at honde.

Revelation 22:9

9 And he saide vnto me: se thou do it not, for I am thy felowe seruaunt and the felowe seruaut of thy brethren the prophetes, and of them, which kepe the sayenges of this boke. Worshippe God.

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