Proverbs 5:16 Cross References - Coverdale

16 Let yi welles flowe out a brode, that there maye be ryuers of water in the stretes.

Genesis 24:60

60 And they blessed Rebecca, and sayde vnto her: Thou art oure syster, growe in to many thousande tymes thousandes, and thy sede possesse the gates of his enemies.

Deuteronomy 33:28

28 And Israel shall dwell safe alone. The eye of Iacob shalbe vpon ye londe where corne and wine is, heauen also shal droppe with dewe.

Judges 12:9

9 which had thirtie sonnes and as many doughters: and his thirtie doughters gaue he forth to mariage, and thirtie doughters toke he from without for his sonnes, and iudged Israel seuen yeare,

Psalms 68:26

26 O geue thankes vnto God the LORDE in the congregacion, for the welles of Israel.

Psalms 127:3

3 It is but lost labour that ye ryse vp early, and take no rest, but eate the bred of carefulnesse: for loke to whom it pleaseth him, he geueth it in slepe.

Psalms 128:3

3 Thy wife shalbe as a frutefull vyne vpon the walles of thy house.

Isaiah 48:21

21 that they suffred no thurste, whe they trauayled in the wildernesse. He claue the rockes a sonder, and the water gusshed out.

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