Proverbs 25:28 Cross References - Coverdale

28 He that can not rule himself, is like a cite, which is broken downe, and hath no walles.

1 Samuel 20:30

30 Then was the kynge wroth at Ionathas, and sayde vnto him: Thou wicked and vnthrifte, I knowe how that thou hast chosen the sonne of Isai, to the shame of thy selfe and of yi shamefull mother.

1 Samuel 25:17

17 Take hede now therfore, and loke well what thou doest, for there is surely a mysfortune at hande agaynst oure lorde, & agaynst all his house. And he is a man of Belial, to whom no man darre saye eny thinge.

2 Chronicles 32:5

5 And he toke a corage vnto him, and buylded all the walles where they were in decaye, and made towres theron, and buylded yet another wall without, and strengthed Millo in the cite of Dauid. And made moch ordinaunce and shyldes,

Nehemiah 1:3

3 And they sayde vnto me: The remnaunt of the captiuyte are there in the londe in greate mysfortune & rebuke. The walles of Ierusalem are broken downe, and the portes ther of are brent with fyre.

Proverbs 16:32

32 A pacient man is better then one that is stroge: and he that can rule him selfe, is more worth then he yt wynneth a cite.

Proverbs 22:24

24 Make no fredshipe with an angrie wylfull man, and kepe no company wt ye furious:

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