Proverbs 18:24 Cross References - Coverdale

24 A frende that delyteth in loue, doth a man more fredshipe, and sticketh faster vnto him then a brother.

1 Samuel 19:4-5

4 And Ionathas reported ye best of Dauid vnto Saul his father, and sayde vnto him: Oh let not the kynge synne agaynst his seruaunt, for he hath not synned agaynst the, and his doynge is very necessary for the, 5 he put his lyfe in his hande also, and smote the Philistyne, & the LORDE dyd a greate health vnto all Israel: this hast thou sene, and reioysed therof. Wherfore wylt thou then offende agaynst innocent bloude, that thou woldest kyll Dauid without a cause?

1 Samuel 30:26-31

26 And whan Dauid came to Siclag, he sent of the spoyle vnto the Elders in Iuda his neghbours, and sayde: Beholde, there haue ye the blessynge out of the spoyle of the enemies of the LORDE, 27 namely vnto them of Bethel, vnto them at Ramath in the south, vnto them at Iathir, 28 vnto them at Aroer, vnto them at Siphamoth, vnto them at Eschemoa, 29 vnto them at Rachal, vnto them in the cities of the Ierahmielites, vnto them in the cities of the Kenites, 30 vnto them at Horma, vnto the at Borasan, vnto the at Atach, 31 vnto them at Hebron, and vnto all the places where Dauid had walked wt his men.

2 Samuel 1:26

26 I am sory for the my brother Ionathas: thou hast bene very louely vnto me: Thy loue hath bene more speciall vnto me, then the loue of wemen.

2 Samuel 9:1-13

1 And Dauid sayde: Remayneth there yet eny man of Sauls house, that I maye do mercy vpon him for Ionathas sake? 2 There was a seruaunt of Sauls house, named Siba, whom they called vnto Dauid, & the kynge sayde vnto him: Art thou Siba? He sayde: Yee thy seruaunt. 3 The kynge sayde: Is there yet eny man of Sauls house, yt I maye do the mercy of God vpon him? Siba sayde vnto the kynge: There is yet a sonne of Ionathas, lame on his fete. 4 The kynge sayde vnto him: Where is he? Siba sayde vnto ye kynge: Beholde, he is at Ladober in ye house of Machir ye sonne of Ammuel. 5 The sent kynge Dauid thither, & caused for to fetch him from Lodaber out of ye house of Machir the sonne of Ammuel. 6 Now whan Mephiboseth the sonne of Ionathas the sonne of Saul came vnto Dauid, he fell vpon his face, & worshiped him. Dauid sayde: Mephiboseth. He sayde: Here am I thy seruaunt. 7 Dauid sayde vnto him: Feare not, for I wyll do mercy vpon the for thy father Ionathas sake, and wil restore vnto the all the londe of thy father Saul: but thou shalt eate bred daylie at my table. 8 He worshiped and sayde: Who am I thy seruaunt, that thou turnest the to a deed dogg as I am? 9 Then the kynge called Siba ye seruaunt of Saul, and sayde vnto him: All yt hath belonged vnto Saul & to all his house, 10 haue I geuen to thy lordes sonne. Tyll his londe for him therfore, thou & thy children & seruauntes, & brynge it in, yt it maye be bred for yi lordes sonne, and yt he maye enioye it: but Mephiboseth yi lordes sonne shal eate bred daylie at my table. Siba had fyftene sonnes & twentye seruauntes. 11 And Siba sayde vnto ye kynge: Acordinge vnto all as my lorde the kynge hath commaunded his seruaunt, so shal his seruaunt do. And let Mephiboseth (sayde Dauid) eate at my table, as one of the kynges owne children. 12 And Mephiboseth had a yoge sonne, whose name was Micha. But all yt dwelt in the house of Siba, serued Mephiboseth. 13 As for Mephiboseth him selfe, he dwelt at Ierusalem: for he ate daylie at the kynges table and was lame on both his fete.

2 Samuel 16:17

17 Absalom sayde vnto Chusai: Is this thy mercy vnto thy frende? Why art thou not gone with thy frende?

2 Samuel 17:27-29

27 Whan Dauid was come to Mahanaim, Nahas of Rabbath of the childre of Ammon, and Machir the sonne of Ammiel of Lodebar, and Barsillai a Gileadite of Roglim 28 broughte bedstuffe, tapestrie worke, basens, earthen vessell, whete, barly, meel, parched corne, beenes, otemeell, ryse, 29 hony, butter, shepe and fat oxen vnto Dauid, and to ye people that was with him, for to eate: for they thought, The people shall be hongrie, weerye and thirstye in the wyldernes.

2 Samuel 19:30-39

30 Mephiboseth sayde vnto the kynge: Let him take it all, in as moch as my lorde ye kynge is come home in peace. 31 And Barsillai the Gileadite came downe from Roglim, and broughte the kynge ouer Iordane, that he mighte coueye him in Iordane. 32 And Barsillai was very olde, so good as foure score yeare olde, the same had prouyded ye kynge of fode whyle he was at Mahanaim, for he was a very noble man. 33 And the kynge sayde vnto Barsillai: Thou shalt go ouer with me, I wyll take care for the wt myne awne selfe at Ierusalem. 34 But Barsillai sayde vnto the kynge: What haue I yet to lyue, that I shulde go vp to Ierusalem wt the kynge? 35 This daye am I foure score yeare olde. How shulde I knowe what is good or euell, or taist what I eate or drynke, or heare what the Musicians do synge? Why shulde thy seruaunt be chargeable first vnto my lorde the kynge? 36 thy seruaunt shall go a litle with the kynge ouer Iordane. Why wil the kynge recompence me after this maner? 37 Let thy seruaunt turne backe agayne, that I maye dye in my cite besyde my father and my mothers graue. Beholde, there is thy seruaunt Chimeam, let him go ouer with my lorde the kynge, and do vnto him what pleaseth the. 38 The kynge sayde: Chimeam shal go ouer with me, and I wyll do for him what liketh the: and what so euer thou desyrest of me, that wyll I do for the also. 39 And whan all ye people was gone ouer Iordane and the kynge likewyse, the kynge kyssed Barsillai and blessed him, and he turned vnto his place.

2 Samuel 21:7

7 Howbeit the kynge spared Mephiboseth ye sonne of Ionathas ye sonne of Saul, because of the ooth of the LORDE yt was betwene them: namely, betwene Dauid & Ionathas the sonne of Saul.

1 Chronicles 12:38-40

38 All these men of warre, ready harnessed to the battayll, came with a whole hert vnto Hebron, to make Dauid kynge ouer all Israel. And all Israel besyde were of one hert, that Dauid shulde be made kynge. 39 And there were they with Dauid thre dayes, eatynge and drynkynge: for their brethren had prepared for them. 40 And soch neghbours as were aboute them vntyll Isachar, Zabulon and Nephtali, brought bred vpon Asses, Camels, Mules and oxen to eate: meel, fyges, rasens, wyne, oyle, oxen, shepe, very many: for there was ioye in Israel.

Proverbs 17:17

17 He is a frende that allwaye loueth, and in aduersite a man shal knowe who is his brother.

Proverbs 27:9

9 The herte is glad of a swete oyntment and sauoure, but a stomacke that ca geue good councell, reioyseth a mans neghboure.

Matthew 26:49-50

49 And forth withal he came to Iesus, and sayde: Hayle master, and kyssed him. 50 And Iesus sayde vnto him: Frende, wherfore art thou come? Then came they, and layed hondes vpon Iesus, and toke him.

John 15:13-15

13 No man hath greater loue, then to set his life for his frende. 14 Ye are my frendes, yf ye do that I commaunde you. 15 Hence forth call I you not seruauntes, for a seruaunt knoweth not what his lorde doeth. But I haue sayde that ye are frendes: For all that I haue herde of my father, haue I shewed vnto you.

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